While searching for the true meaning of friendship, one quote of Aristotle struck my mind, “a true friend is one soul in two bodies”; in this quote, if we remove “a true friend” with “the twin flame”, it wouldn’t be wrong.

According to this saying, a true friend and twin flame seem to be the two sides of the same coin.

If we combine both terms, they become twin flame friendship.

Twin flame friendship is the kind of relationship in which a person reflects back the best part of you.

That friend reminds you of your true worth and shows you how to live your life to the full.

In the darkness, where you are unable to see, your true soul friend becomes your eyes and guides you the right way.

A true soul friend is also called Anam Cara in the old Gaelic term.

Here, anam means soul and cara means friend.

Your true soul friend doesn’t understand you only but also arranges a way so you can also recognize yourself.

There are certain signs of twin flame friendship.

The bond of friendship does not tie to any sexual or worldly desire.

This relationship is pure and free from worries of obligations etc.

 Signs of a true soul friendship are as follow:

Twin Flame Friendship Signs

No Secrets or Lies:

In front of your true soul friend, you can simply be yourself without adding any glamour of the world.

When you two talk, there are no secrets. You can talk your heart out without thinking about it for once.

Positive Criticism:

In the twin flame friendship, your friend is like your own soul. They are transparent in front of you and so you are with them.

There’s no pretending or aggression. The criticism is always constructive and present in such a way that you don’t feel bad about it.

They don’t destruct you with their harsh comments like a mean person would do.

High Understanding:

Understanding things in any friendship rely on two factors: listening and speaking.

In true soul friendship, the ratio between listening and speaking is balanced.

By maintaining this balance, there are no misunderstandings that lead to long-lasting relationships.

They even understand you when you don’t tell them what is going on.

Intact Boundaries:

A true soul friend will never be demanding or pushy.

They respect your boundaries and never enter unless you give permission.

Unbroken Trust:

You can trust your soul friend with your life.

No matter how much delicate the issue is, you can share without worry.

They respect your privacy and trust and never betray you.

Under no circumstances, will they break your confidence in them.

No Perfection Required:

Nobody is perfect, and this relationship knows it very well.

There is always room for forgiveness; bitterness is only temporary.

Also, instead of hiding, they prefer to talk when they are hurt or angry.

True Soul Friend Brings the Best Out of You

You are never ugly to them, and your friend reminds you how beautiful you are; when you are sad, they make you happy; when you underestimate yourself, they tell you how talented you are.

Can you be just friends with your twin flame?

Yes, you can, there are no hard rules that would imply that you can’t.

A twin flame connection is an ethereal connection between souls that mirror each other, soul connection is a link between two souls that are meant to be in pairs.

What you do with your twin flame in physical reality is up to you, if you just want to be friends with them then that’s fine, as long as you both know that this is all the relationship is going to be.

If your twin flame rejects being just friends with you, then there are a few reasons why this could happen.

Your twin flame may feel that if they become just friends with you, it will hurt their chances of reunion in the future.

This is a common misconception, what they really are feeling is a physical love or need for you, the moment that they become friends with you, they are no longer focused on this emotional desire for you

They may feel rejection when your relationship becomes more platonic after spending time together physically.

If you are both okay just being friends then this should not be a problem, your twin flame connection will not change.

Do make sure you think about this decision before making it; do both of you want this?

Are both of you happy with just being friends?

Getting out of the twin flame friendzone

First, you need to know there is no such thing as a twin flame friend zone, friendship, love, and attraction are physical feelings that you experience with your twin flame.

A twin flame connection is purely an ethereal connection.

If you wish to get out of the friendzone with your twin flame, then all rules apply just like any other relationship you had in the past.

However, before you can get out of the friendzone you need to know why you ended up there in the first place.

The most common one is feeling attracted to each other in a romantic way.

So in order to get out of the friend zone, they must feel attracted to you, have feelings for you, and be comfortable in your presence.

A lot of twin flames get stuck in the friendzone because they are too familiar with each other; this can lead to them not being interested in being intimate with each other.

If you can be attractive and interesting to your twin flame while still allowing them to be familiar, then they will start to feel attracted towards you.

Once you have broken into their comfort zone, or become attractive and interesting to your twin flame, then you can talk about physical love with them and see where the relationship goes from there.

As mentioned above, rules of normal dating and relationship apply with your twin flame, you can date them, have a relationship, or even marry them.

Just remember, always be honest with what you want, don’t lie, cheat, or play games with your twin flame.

This will only result in them losing trust in you and not wanting to be with you again.

If they only see you as a friend, and there is no way they will change their mind, then it might be best to move on.

Your ethereal twin flame connection will continue without them in your life, and you can have other relationships with people that are more suited to you.

You deserve to have a healthy, happy relationship with someone who loves and adores you!

Do not settle for being friends if you want more; stay true to yourself, allow them to be themselves.


Just remember there are no physical ties with your twin flame that are unbreakable, it is possible to have other people in your life that you can love and adore.

You can both have a friendship with each other for the rest of your life if you wish to.

If you want more than just friendship then just follow the advice in this article.

Have fun, be open to change, and have a happy life!