The heart chakra, or Anahata, is a centre of energy within the body. It is located at the centre of the chest, directly adjacent to the heart.

All chakras are essential in the twin flame relationship. We should endeavour to bring all of our chakras into balance through chakra healing in order to benefit the twin flame relationship, as it is this that will facilitate twin flame ascension – and make the whole process a whole lot easier.

But the most important chakra in relation to the twin flame relationship is the heart chakra.

To help us understand the connection we share with our twin flame –we can talk about the silver cord.

Silver Cord

We are connected with our twin flame via a spiritual connection known as the silver cord.

It stretches from our heart chakra, out across the spiritual plane, and connects with the heart chakra of our twin flame.

The silver cord is elastic, flexible and, key to the twin flame relationship, unbreakable.

The cord cannot be severed. But can be strengthened, weakened, muddied and cleared. And therein lies the importance of the heart chakra to the twin flame relationship.

Heart Chakra Opening

Think of the silver cord, in the current context, as a driveway covered in snow.

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Our house is our heart chakra, and our destination is our twin flame’s heart chakra.

Our car is stuck in the driveway. How do we get to our destination?

Well, we have two choices.

The first is to walk. We will get there eventually, but it requires no preparation – we can leave now.

However, the road underfoot in this weather is a long and arduous one. We will spend a long, long time getting to our destination and when we get there, we will be exhausted.

The second, better option is to clear the driveway so we can take the car. It might require a bit of hard work up front, shovelling all of the snow.

And it might not feel like we are making any progress – we would be closer to our destination if we had have walked.

But once we have cleared the driveway, the journey by car will be quicker and much more accessible.

Not to mention the other benefits of having a clear driveway.

So how does this analogy apply? Simple.

To clear the driveway of snow, we must balance our heart chakra and open it, clearing away the blockages and easing the traversal of energies across it.

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We can do this through meditation and the use of healing crystals, among other methods.

Opening and activating the heart chakra strengthens our connection with our twin flame. But this is a two-way street – our twin flame needs to open and activate their heart chakra in order to forge the strongest connection.

So when we feel we are ready to meet our twin flame, or enter into a closer relationship with our twin flame, we must prepare ourselves adequately for it.

We must bring all of our chakras into balance, paying particular attention to the heart chakra. We must strengthen the silver cord that joins us to our twin flame.