Twin Flame Heart Palpitations

You can never forget about the feeling when you met your twin. Do you remember the butterflies? That strange feeling in the pit of your soul. It was something you never experienced before.

You felt it so much that it felt like physical heart palpitations. It was something you never anticipated. That pull was completely out of the ordinary.

As a twin flame, you have lived your life emotionally suppressed. You always felt something was missing on a profound level.

Then you met your twin flame. The sensation of wholeness replaced the emptiness in your being. You felt nothing like it before. To feel unconditional love from your twin soul.

Many have lived their lives without feeling unconditional from another. When you meet your twin flame, you get to experience this joyous feeling many times over with your journey.

Is there anything else like it? Unconditional love is wholesome on many levels. You might experience some of it as synchronicity.

Twin Flame Synchronicity

The excitement of seeing numbers like 11:11, 22:22 or 33:33. These numbers have shown up in your life more frequently. You always knew there was something higher trying to connect with you. You felt guided.

Was it not such a thrill to experience it the first time in your life? You felt that rush of excitement in your heart chakra. For the first time, you felt there was a deeper meaning to existence.

Most people on earth live just a life, working, paying bills and family. As twin flames, you get to experience something higher.

I always felt that connecting with my twin flame wasn’t just the deep love we had for each other. But the deep love for the planet as a whole. That made things more exciting.

The soul adventure goes further up into the astral.

Twin Flame Astral Connection

Almost all twin flames meet in the astral. You experience many things together in your dreams. You both encounter the same dream.

These dreams allow daily events to take the backseat and focus completely on love. Astral dreams are great for emotional connections. You and your twin flame can wake up from these dreams feeling fulfilled.

Twin Flame Telepathy

It’s such a buzz to realise that for the first time in your life that you are communicating with another in your mind in a mindful way.

To begin with, there were only a few words here and there. Then you envision images or songs in your mind which came from somewhere else.

Twin flames communicate with each other telepathically even before the meeting. You also feel the strange pull in your heart; this is a form of telepathy as well. The mind and heart communicate together.

When you do meet your twin flame, the communication intensifies, which might feel like you are having heart palpitations.

The joyous connection with your twin flame is immense. You have experienced synchronicities. You met them in the astral plane and felt an emotional connection out of this world.

You have seen the signs with numbers like 11:11 22:22 and 33:33. You always had telepathic communication with your twin flame during and before you met them.

You felt the full power of unconditional love in your heart.

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