Often due to unfortunate circumstances, when twin flames meet, they’re already with another partner.

It’s baffling how they can love another person when their twin is right in front of them. But it’s understandable.

Flames are loyal people and honour their commitments with their partner.

So, how should they proceed in such a pickle?

Should they let their current partner go for their destined soul-mirror or should they allow things to run their natural course?

We’re going to explore all that and much more in this article.

In actuality, their current relationship prepares them for their twin flame.

Sometimes, we think that commitments hold us back from true love.

This is a gross misconception on our part because everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason.

These marriages and relationships aren’t built to last, but they aid in our spiritual growth.

They impart in us certain qualities that are needed for a healthy twin flame relationship.

Our intuition tells us to hold on to such relationships because it knows that we still have to learn something from them.

When a twin flame is with someone other than his destined partner, he feels lonely and lost.

These relationships emotionally drain them.

Twin flames often adopt a persona, while they’re in such relationships.

They shed their originalities and wear masquerades in front of their family and friends.

The underlying reason behind this shift in behaviour is abusive relationships.

Such kinds of relationships constrict a twin flames freedom to be.

When that happens, they slowly fall into an abyss of depression.

They might experience the dark night of the soul during this period.

It’s a transformative experience that edges them towards spiritual ascension.

After they’ve successfully dealt with the physical and psychological effects of the dark night of the soul, they are finally ready to unite with their twin.

It’s impossible for twin flames to find complete happiness with someone other than their soul-partners.

They will always feel a vacancy in their heart.

Their fated partner’s inclusion in their life is necessary for them to feel whole.

Otherwise, they’re going to sulk in regret and pessimism endlessly.

When the twin flames finally come into our lives, they expedite the process of spiritual awakening.

We finally muster up the strength to let go of karmic relationships.

We take measures break-free from our fears and insecurities.

We finally realise that our real purpose in life is to reunite with our twin flame and attain spiritual sustenance in their loving presence.

As long as a twin flame is in another relationship, he/she will feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

However, there’s a right time for everything.

We should always let things run their natural cross and believe in the plan of the universal source.

Sooner or later, we’re bound to end up with our twin flame no matter what the circumstances are.

We’ve signed a soul contract with them after all.

Is your twin flame in another relationship? Don’t fret! Just follow our recommendations, and you’ll reunite with them in the imminent future.