Twin Flame Insecurity And Fears

There are many twin flame insecurity and fears. The twin flame relationship forms the anchor stone around which our spiritual journey is built around. As a result, our relationship with our twin flame is often the most intense and passionate relationship we are lucky enough to be a part of.

However, this intensity and passion can cause some problems – notably, the insecurities and fears that can accompany some stages of the twin flame relationship.

Spiritual Importance

We can find the root of these insecurities and fears deep within the psyche of the soul.

Our twin flame is of absolute importance to us in a spiritual sense as they are the primary spiritual relationship – the person through whom we will learn the most important karmic lessons.

They are necessary for our spiritual journey. Our soul needs us to be together. And where there is a need that deep within us, fear and insecurity inevitably follow.

We fear deep within us that our twin flame will someday be gone.

Like fear of the dark or a fear of heights. There are excellent reasons for this concern to be natural but nonetheless, this fear is damaging to us.


When we make a special connection with someone, we often see them through a lens of love and optimism.

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We see them as perfect and ourselves as lucky to have them. They improve our lives so much that living without them is just unthinkable.

And we know we do not deserve them.

Or at least we feel that way. When we are so attuned to the energies of another person, especially a twin flame with whom we share energies, we often see them as perfect.

But they are not perfect because nobody is. Even we are not perfect – and we all know it!

Insecurity often comes from feelings of undeserved rewards. In the twin flame relationship, we must realise that we – by nature – deserve exactly what we get. Everything we get propels us along our spiritual journey.

Twin Flame Energy Shift

Lastly, the insecurities and fears in the twin flame relationship – at least early on in the relationship – can sometimes be caused by the energetic shift of the twin flame process.

When we begin the first stage of the twin flame relationship, we experience an energetic shift as our energies adjust to the new situation.

Our strong spiritual connection elevates the vibrational frequencies of the chakras.

This can throw us off balance.

Fear and insecurity – along with paranoia and jealousy – originate in the root chakra.

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This is the first of the seven chakras. The location of these chakras is at the base of the spine. When it is overstimulated, we experience fear and insecurity, and the energy shift can overstimulate it.

It may be worth spending some time realigning and balancing our chakras after the twin flame relationship gets going.

Meditation, healing crystals and proper study all give you the tools to do that, and we have plenty of guides here at the site. Are you noticing any of these twin flame insecurity and fears?