The twin flame journey doesn’t come with the map to a destination. You need to select the right turn on your own at every corner. This journey starts when you have passed the runner and chaser cycle, and now you are finally together.

Your twin flame has accepted you, and you feel sky high. However, the main thing to remember here is that completing the twin flame journey is like creating a heaven on earth and it is undoubtedly not an easy task.

There are so many twins who get stuck in the middle of their journey. Not realising what is happening, they want to give up.

There are five common mistakes that twins do when in a relationship:

  1. Pushing for a 3D romantic love relationship only: Accepting lots of romance and only romance without realising that your relationship is much more than that
  2. Wanting your twin to be perfect: Twin flame relationship is not about finding the perfect person but to love unconditionally with imperfections
  3. Considering yourself as the only awakened one: That’s not true; because many people think that they are ahead of another twin and this leads to so many troubles
  4. Not going for the proper healing: Healing of the past wounds is highly essential; you need to go for the healing techniques that would help to have a new start
  5. Fear of losing the other: The twin flame relationship is quite intense, and the powerful force of attraction makes them feel highly special, but all this beauty comes with the fear of losing the other which may interrupt the relationship

All the above-mentioned blunders make the twin flame journey even harder. If you want your journey to go smoother, it is vital that you should not make these mistakes.

What is the main aim of the twin flame journey? It is not only about the relationships but mostly about yourself and achieving the spiritual evaluation to reach your higher self. This journey doesn’t follow any timeline of our 3-D world, but it cares for divine timings only. It is not about when and how; things would get in place when it is destined.

Twin flames reincarnate again and again, and they aim to avoid 3D gathering as much as they can, unless and until both have attained a particular sense of spirituality and learned some valuable lessons with healed wounds.

Twin flame journey is the magical roadway to ensure that you could learn how to be happy without any external source. It helps you to find peace from within. It takes you to the place where you are free from all the worldly worries.

This world could not harm you, and you have your space in which there are no troubles. Achieving the higher self is the inside job and comes with personal power and self-reliance. When you reach this stage, you learn to live a life that everyone dreams of. You initiate to love unconditionally which makes everything better.

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