The Kundalini is the flow of spiritual energy within us that runs from the base of our spine and unravels up and through it, all the way to the top of the head.

Often represented as a coiled snake, the Kundalini is what we are manipulating when we work on our chakra energies.

Kundalini fire, sometimes “rising” or “awakening”, is the process of uncoiling this energy and signals the emergence of our higher spiritual selves.

It is so called because when it begins, we burn hot with spiritual energy.

The twin flame relationship is the most spiritual and energetic relationship we enter in to on this planet.

Often we experience Kundalini fire with our twin flame as a part of the twin flame spiritual journey to ascension.

When Does It Happen?

Kundalini fire can happen at any time, as long as we either consciously or unconsciously decide to pursue it.

Typically, this occurs when we have begun to engage in a regular spiritual practice.

But other catalysts can bring about Kundalini fire. In particular, the twin flame relationship provides ample opportunity.

We might experience Kundalini fire when we first meet our twin flame in dreams on the spiritual plane.

The strengthening of the spiritual connection that occurs in this meeting can spur on Kundalini fire like we might jumpstart a car.

It might be our first meeting on the physical plane that does it, for similar reasons.

However, this meeting is even more highly charged and therefore is more likely to spur the Kundalini fire.

Lastly, the Kundalini fire can be brought about by sexual connection with our twin flame.

The intertwining of our Kundalini during intense sexual union with our twin flame is sure to awaken the coiled energies within us and bring about Kundalini fire.

What Does Kundalini Fire Feel Like?

Kundalini fire is unlike any other experience in our lives.

It is the moment at which all of the potential spiritual energies coiled and stored within us are activated, released into our bodies and minds.

The experience is highly individual, but there is a typical pattern that most people follow.

The first sign of Kundalini fire is a low vibrational energy surrounding us, which might feel like a tingling or slight numbness in the whole body.

This is due to the sudden abundance of Kundalini energies.

Next, we might notice differences in our perception. We might be more sensitive to light and find that we see with greater colour saturation.

Hearing, smell, touch and taste may also be affected. Our internal perception may also be thrown askew, with a temporary feeling of separation from our physical body often emerging.

Overall, we just feel different. The devil in is the details with Kundalini fire, each experience being as unique as each of us.

However, our intuition is a powerful tool, and almost every report states that the reporter knew instinctively when they were experiencing it.

And it is an integral part of the journey and one of the core reasons why we have a twin flame in the first place.

In fact, the bringing forth of Kundalini fire is often the first spiritual lesson we learn alongside our twin flame.