The separation phase in any twin flame relationship is real. There will always be a runner and a chaser. The one who has untangled all the threads of love and emotions knows how hard it is to remain alone.

That’s why the chaser runs behind the runner and wants him to come back. On the other hand, the runner doesn’t feel the same way and unable to understand the behaviour of the chaser. All this chaos leads to the separation of the twin flames.

The chaser is the one who suffers in this scenario. He feels the never ending pain that pounders his soul. It leads to the dark dungeon which never sees the rays of light. The twin flame loneliness is devastating.

Once the soul found another half, it’s become so hard to move on with life without that person. This loneliness leads to the grief that shattered all the dreams of being happy.

Nothing seems to make sense. Everything in the world seems meaningless. It is a hard time for sure, but the twin flame separation is not the end of the life. You can do so many things to fight the twin flame loneliness:

Go For Things That Provide Comfort to the Soul:

Nothing seems right because your soul is feeling lonely. Some things provide comfort to the soul and going for these things will make you feel better. Have you ever helped someone and felt happy about it? You can try it now as well.

Visit orphanages or rest homes; go to the people who don’t have anyone to call their own. Spending time with them will make you feel satisfied in your heart. You can also bring a smile to the face of the sad person. Anything that you can do to make others happy will eventually become the cure for your loneliness.

Know your Worth

Do you want to waste your life alone only because your twin flame doesn’t recognise your worth? You are worthy enough to continue your life. You were living before you have found your soul’s connection and you will live again.

Seek the Refuge in other Relations that Matters

When did you call your mother last? Or meet with your father? Do your siblings know that you are feeling lonely? When did you pay a visit to your grandmother? Blood relations are the best refuge from loneliness. Spending time with your loved one will nourish your soul, and you will feel better. When you know that other people love you a lot, you won’t feel lonely.

Remember Separation will lead to Reunion

In the twin flame relationship, separation is just a phase that will pass. However, nobody can tell you the exact date when you will reunite with your twin flame. The twin flame loneliness will pass on only when you put in the effort. The separation time may take a few months to decades, so it is not wise to wait for that long. Fight the loneliness and beat the depression to live the life you are worthy of living.