In this article we are going to explain the difference between twin flame love and romantic love. As human beings we are born with the need to belong, be able feel love and be grounded in this plane. It’s this thirst to belong which sparks within us and we remember the true nature of how love is, which is something substantial than us. Since the true nature of our soul is spiritual, we can say love is spiritual too.

Finding this true love is not simple, we often try to find someone who closely matches our personality, dislikes and likes etc.., it’s not going to be simple as placing a dating profile and hoping to meet someone. We are not looking for someone equal to our personality but rather someone equal to our soul, our mirror.


Twin Flame Love And Union

This amazing, inspiring and wonderful soul who fulfills us, their mind and consciousness flows from the very soul as ours, practically our mirror. We are recognized in their eyes, those we look into many times before in many faces, they are like mirrors reflecting our true soul back to us. This union is like romance and friendship on flames, deep intensified connection that sets us with fierce truth, unconditional love and passion. They understand us completely and our soul.twin flame love

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My initial romantic fantasies fooled me, they are nothing but illusions, which is unrealistic kind of love. This love had no connection with true love, you see we get fooled into believing that romance will solve all our issues. When we try to meet our partners expectations, we simply take on a role, fearing we will somehow disappoint them, or the love could be withdrawn by them if we were show them who we really are. When we have awoken from this dream state we find our self in a bond with no love, or in a separation trying to find out what went wrong.

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This kind of love keeps us from growing as a person, true love is accepting that our partner is never perfect and we are not either.

Romantic love needs constant bargaining.twin flame love 1

When a relationship is based on romance, partners have to communicate and bargain or even compromise. When there is no soul connection, you have to constantly reassure them that you love them. With twin flame love, allows us to know and connect with each other on a higher level, a soul connection is formed.


Twin flame never is one dimensional, there is no beginning or end. It’s not a roller coaster of emotional downs and ups, it’s more like circulating vortex lifting us. It allows two souls to feel the sacredness within them. True love is a spiritual process which connects us with our real self and everyone else at soul level.


The romantic love slowly diminishes whenever our lover fails to return the love, or they behave in unacceptable ways. Often we get angry and feel betrayed making us feel unloved and not desirable. The twin flame love comes from Source itself, it is divine and unbreakable. Our soul wants a union and wants to give this imperfect soul all the love.

Twin flame love is sacredtwin flame love

Twin flame love is sacred it’s from our relationship with the Source itself. The true love between twin flames is the spiritual union, which is mixture of friendship, a love affair and the act of learning from within. It’s this mystical dance and spiritual union between two souls that will take us higher and distance us from our ego and into eternal unconditional love.

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Concluding the twin flame love

This dance between two sacred being requires you to completely let go and trust the union, our twin flame and Source to allow things to manifest in their natural endless opportunities, the abundant and limitless forms of this love. When we fully surrender and set this love free, you can be assured Source will work in your favor and if the love we set free is to be true it will return to us, because it doesn’t know any other way. As twin’s we should never ever give up, but to make this choice to be love, because that’s how it is to be.