The twin flame male energy transitions from false manhood to the divine masculine. It undergoes a healing process which requires time and personal space.

When twin flames meet, the twin with the most masculine energy has many emotional conflicts that need resolving, before they can emanate pure love and light.

One thing that the feminine twin must understand is that she can’t do anything to force the masculine’s progress towards enlightenment.

Is it a personal journey. One that they need to embark upon alone, without any external help. Twin flames are not here to save each other; they exist to stimulate each other’s spiritual growth.

If the feminine tries to help or strong arm the masculine, it only drives them away. This can baffle the feminine because according to them, they are doing their part.

But, what they don’t understand is that spiritual enlightenment demands a personal struggle. The twin flame male energy must find his own way home; they must carve their own path.

We often excessively direct our attention towards the feminine energy that we forget about the godly abilities of the divine masculine.

The divine masculine has unlimited potential of love and compassion. Not only are they capable of strength and wisdom but also able to sustain these qualities. All they require is an inner balance.

Many think of the masculine as runners who are too afraid of facing their insecurities. But that is farther from the truth.

They are fighting an incredible battle of raising their vibration. Against insurmountable odds, they are cleansing the pain that was inflicted in their past.

When the healing process finishes, they will rise anew and be able to establish an indomitable inner balance that is capable of fuelling eternal love.

They deserve our appreciation and support for fighting their inner demons with steadfastness.

The eternal nature of a twin flame relationship is a testament to the divine masculine’s immaculate powers.

When the feminine energy rises, the masculine gives them the time to grow and spiritually evolve.

The divine masculine needs someone to balance their energy. If they are going through a rough time in their life, they need the feminines endless support and understanding.

To overcome his emotional struggles and balance their energy, they need the feminine to surrender and detach.

When the masculine and feminine are apart, it might feel as if they’re distancing themselves from each other. On the contrary, they are working towards a common goal.

Spiritual ascension and eternal love. In the twin flame runner-chaser phase, they spend most of their time in estrangement, but they are connected through telepathy.

They know it deep in their heart that in the end, they’re both going to end together. All they need is to achieve inner balance for the twin flame relationship to work.

Once they do, everything will fall right into place. They will spend the rest of their lives helping humanity and radiating love.