Twin Flame Masculine Energy: Within the twin flame relationship, there is a sacred balance between the masculine and the feminine.

Typically, one twin will embody the feminine ideals, and the other will embody the ideals of the masculine.

Having a balance between these two types of energy is essential for the twin flame relationship to truly blossom.

But too often we concentrate on the feminine energies.

This may be because the feminine ideals lend themselves more readily to spiritual practice, where the masculine energies are rooted more in the physical plane.

So let’s discuss what the masculine energy in the twin flame relationship provides and why it is essential to obtain balance.

Anchoring, Order & Discipline

As mentioned, the masculine ideals and energies anchor the bearer in the physical plane.

This is important for the twin flame relationship as it provides a link between the feminine twin and the physical world.

Just as the feminine energies provide a link for the masculine to the spiritual world.

Masculine energies specialise in the practical.

Rather than looking inwards and upwards, the masculine looks outwards and down at the Earth.

They are more grounded, less sensitive to their emotional state and far less prone to the sometimes messy side of being in touch with the spiritual plane.

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The true embodiment of the masculine ideal is complete control over the emotional mind and a preference for doing rather than thinking.

The masculine embodies realism, pragmatism and action.

Twin Flames

The reason that balance between the masculine and feminine energies in the twin flame relationship is inherent in the twin flame relationship itself.

For us to truly understand the soul, we must begin from a place of difference.

From here we can learn about the energies of our twin flame and thus better understand the nature of the soul. After all, it’s all just expressions of energy.

Besides, without the masculine energies, nothing that we learned from the spiritual plane would ever become manifest on the physical.

The masculine is the anchor in the physical, the way in which the spiritual plane becomes manifest.

Of course, having only masculine energies would be disastrous.

The feminine energies provide the masculine with all of the transcendent qualities of life – empathy, emotional experience, kindness and nurturing.

The two energies sit in opposition, but together they amplify the positive and nullify the negative.

We sit in opposition to our twin flame, but when we are together, we are better people for it.

A Final Note

When talking about the masculine energies and the feminine energies, we are not talking about men and women.

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Men are typically more masculine in energy, but that is not necessarily the case.

Plenty of men have predominantly feminine energies and find a partner who embodies the masculine energies they need to find balance.

The opposite is also true.

And this throws up a final point.

To know what we need from the twin flame relationship, we need to know what we already are.

We must think about our strengths and weaknesses and identify our energies.

To learn about ourselves is to learn about our twin.

And if their masculine energies annoy us, frustrate us or cause them to have different beliefs, don’t worry! It’s meant to be that way.