A lot of people misunderstand the meaning of “twin flame”. They are entirely different from soul mates. Soul mates complement each other and make us feel whole.

However, twin flames are mirror images of each other. Their past, fears and emotional traumas resonate. Twin flames have checkered relationships marked by emotional inconsistencies and intense passion.

Their time together runs the gamut from sheer happiness to sheer pain. Twin flames have a purpose. They are a stimulus to our spiritual awakening.

They make us realise where we truly fit into this wretched world. This article sheds light on the twin flame meaning and its dynamics.

Twin Flame relationships are checkered

Whenever you’re in a twin flame relationship, it seems as if it is going to last for an eternity, but it’s quite to the contrary.

Whenever you develop a firm conviction that your twin flame is the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, the relationship ends abruptly.

You can’t come to grips with the notion of commitment, and that’s why you run as soon as you come close to each other.

These relationships are transforming

Your twin flame has the power to change your beliefs, ideas and concepts and how you perceive life altogether. You might have a materialistic mindset before their arrival.

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Worldly attractions would’ve tempted you in the past, but now that your twin flame is here, they can open your eyes to your real divine purpose.

You undergo spiritual awakening because of their transforming influence. The twin flame meaning can only be understood after entering the doors of spiritual awakening.

Your twin flame fills the void inside of you

Whenever you’re in their presence, they feel like your other half. It’s like the moment you learned to crawl you were already on your way to find them.

It’s what you were missing all along in your life. They have finally filled that void inside your heart that made you feel vacant inside.

An unstable and uncontrollable relationship

You experience a fast-paced unbridled relationship with your twin flame. The intensity with which it launches itself continues its course till the end almost indefinitely.

In some twin flame relationships, this intensity might even increase exponentially with time.

These relationships will not grant you total emotional security

Even though you feel incredibly passionate about your twin flame, you still don’t feel 100 percent emotionally secure. Subconsciously, you are scared and you have many doubts inside your head.

You are not sure whether this is true love or not. Skepticism can lead to disillusionment. It can diminish your faith in your twin flame and ultimately break the bond you two share.

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A bond that transcends love

A twin flame relationship is more than just love. It’s a relationship that takes many forms. Sometimes this relationship becomes a teacher, sometimes a therapist and sometimes a despotic tyrant.

Your relationship defies the laws of normal human relationships. Sometimes, it might not even feel like you both are simply romantically involved.

You are destined to bump into each other

Destiny always pulls you closer towards your twin flame. They appear in your life in unexpected circumstance and powers of that initial spark do not wane.

You’re still enticed in the same way you were before. The twin flame meaning has varied definitions, and each holds true in its place.