What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is the twin soul. Twins are two bodies sharing the same soul. They are the mirror image of each other and reflect back desires, fears and needs of each other. Meeting a twin flame is like meeting your counterpart.

There is a minimal possibility that you meet your twin flame, but the global spiritual awakening somehow has fastened the meeting process of the twin flames and now more, and more twins are incarnating on earth at the same time.

Twin Flame Meeting Signs:

Meeting your twin flame could be the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to you. However, this beauty comes with a price, and there are so many up and downs before you can be with your twin flame, but how to recognise them?

Here are 10 signs that would help you to identify your twin flame among the other relationships:

  • A Strange Feeling: Even in the first meeting, you feel connected somehow. There’s a strange sense of recognition. It seems like déjà vu. You just know that somehow you know that person.
  • Their Importance is known: From the beginning, you know that they are going to play some significant role in your life.
  • Intense Connection: There’s an extraordinary connection when you two meet, even in the first meeting you feel like home. You both don’t know each other, but there’s an unknown calmness in their presence.
  • No fear of rejection: You could totally be yourself in front of your twin. You could feel that they are also doing the same thing. There are no veils around. You both are comfortable in sharing who you are for real.
  • A sense of Elevation: With your twin around you feel sky high. You feel so good that you can’t explain it. You want your twin to remain with you. Leaving their side makes you feel unhappy. With them, you feel like you are soaring and flying in the skies of happiness.
  • An unknown magnetism: No matter how hard you try to avoid them, you can’t. Sooner or later you both cross the same road at the same time. It might seem magical to you, but your soul wants that encounters again and again. There’s an invisible magnet that pulls you both together.
  • Time Flies By: When you two are together, you want time to discover each other, but time flies by when you are together. Hours seem like minutes and minutes pass by like seconds.
  • You are accepted: You don’t have to pretend anything in front of your twin. You are accepted by your twin the way you are. Also, you accept them the way they are. Nobody sees perfection but what matters most is the presence of each other.
  • Empathy: You both have an empathic relationship. You could easily sense the emotions of each other. No words require.
  • A sense of Spiritual Growth: When you meet your twin flame, you automatically incline towards spirituality. You want to know more about the divinity.