Twin flame meeting is quite a rare encounter, as for quite a long time it has so happened that the twins exist on separate lifetimes therefore making it very hard to meet and reunite. However in the rare occasions that they meet, the twin souls are noticed to have such a strong vibration that draws them towards each other.

The twin souls are believed to posses such high vibrations as those of spirits since its in the spirit realm they are formed. Such high vibrations not only draw their twins towards them but also many others they interact with. Upon meeting, the vibrations seem to intensify as it feels like meeting one’s lost self; its like meeting a part of you you knew existed but never felt it before. Listed below are are four twin flame meeting signs.

Twin Flame Meeting

Mirror of themselves

On the first meeting, the twin souls can feel rather awkward around each other as it feels like meeting oneself. The twins in most cases seem to exhibit certain same characters including the bad, the good and in other cases the ugly.

The feeling is so weird because you get to meet the ugly and negative side of yourself that you have tried to hide for quite a long time on the each other person.

The reunion is however amazing as you get to meet someone you resonate with and for the first time you will get to feel at home; feel loved and appreciated; feel like for once in your life everything is falling into place and you were indeed destined for each other.

Upon meeting, you won’t be able to resist each other nor hide the high levels of joy and excitement bubbling within you.

Prior to meeting

It has been observed that twin flames tend to meet just after the point each of them have faced some challenges, problems and tragedies in their individual lives.

The challenges and tragedies are usually to prepare them for each other as they are supposed to meet upon being complete individuals having learnt important aspects of life such as love, loss and how to handle jealousy and other people’s feelings.

You will definitely meet your twin at the point you need someone to comfort you and help you overcome some challenge in your life especially loss of a loved one.

The first meeting will rekindle your spirits and you eventually get to understand why it never worked with any other person. You will finally understand why every relationship you had had to fail.

Triggers memory

Its believed that twin flames are not only destined to meet so as to satisfy each others urge and needs but they have a greater mission in life. Their reunion should be a blessing to the world as they ought to do something great; something that would impact a positive change to the world.

Therefore upon meeting, something happens that triggers their memory in relation to what their mission and purpose in life is.

The 12 Chakras

On the first meeting, the twin flames seem to exude energy that surpasses all other emotions and any other light. The first contact will definitely unleash their individual psychic abilities and spiritual potentials.

Its believed that their meeting activates the 12 higher chakras that they are born with and lies within them in wait for their reunion.

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