Twin flames share an intense connection that destabilises their spiritual energies. That is why; conflicts mark most of the time spent by them in each other’s company.

The twin flame merging process starts the moment one twin flame locks their eyes with the other. However, this unification can take a long time to complete, depending on several factors.

What leads to a twin flame merge?

The twin flames act as catalysts in each other’s lives. They propel each other towards eternal love and light ― to a point where they can let go of their self-ego and rise anew.

However, this requires a cerebral struggle of the highest order.

When twin flames are unable to resolve their conflicts, they estrange themselves, consequently halting the merging process.

They start living their life of lies, shunning their insecurities and fears and cling to materialistic temptations, in a hopeless attempt to hide from the truth their twin flame is revealing to them.

But, interestingly, twin flames have been programmed by the universe to reunite every time they move away from each other.

No matter, how much we try to run away from our fated twin flame, the universe will conspire in bringing us back to them. And when we do reunite, we will re-initiate the merging process.

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The merging process aligns us with our fears, emotional traumas, insecurities, self-hatred so that we can confront them.

Spiritual awakening is only achieved by those who struggle endlessly to fight their inner demons and not by those who weather storms by self-medicating and lying to themselves.

The only thing that can complete a twin merge is spiritual ascension.

When you finally muster up the courage to face your self-ego, you accelerate the merging process. And your healing directly benefits your twin flame as well. If your purge yourself of fears and

insecurities, you increase the possibility of a harmonious twin flame relationship.

Everyone in their lives goes through harrowing emotional circumstances, and they cope with it by hiding them deep inside. The problem with letting them rest inside of you is that they spread like

wildfire and wreak havoc on your entire mind.

You have to approach your twin flame in a 5D or spiritual dimension where everything is possible.

You can only set foot in this dimension if you keep your mind open to infinite possibilities.

You have to believe that things can work out between the two of you if you access your spiritual dimension and try to align with your higher self, who can, in turn, provide you clarity about your life purpose.

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Once you’re spiritually illuminated, your spiritual being will be filled with love and light, and they will no longer run from a twin flame merge.

So, in actuality, the twin flame merge is more of a personal journey rather than a mutual one.

In order to unify with your twin flame, you must first embark upon your spiritual journey and subdue your self-ego to feel a sense of oneness around your destined twin flame.