The Twin Flame Mirror is an effect that we can see within this type of relationship that brings about the spiritual awakening and personal development that it is famous.

It is the reason that they are often referred to as Mirror Souls.

It is integral to the journey, and understanding the concept will help you to make the most of your unique connection.

In this way, you can move forward on your journey towards ascension and enlightenment together.

It must be noted that ascension will happen when it is supposed to, not by our own doing.

Although this is undoubtedly a blessing, it might not always seem that way.

A lot of painful stuff tends to get dragged up because of this effect, and that can be challenging if you are not prepared for it.

Luckily, a great way to make the most of the mirror effect is to have a full and proper understanding of it.

Will you reap the potential rewards for embracing the dual nature of your soul?

Twin Flame Mirror Effect

When Twin Flames meet, they have a massive effect on each other.

This happens immediately, but also sustains for a long while afterward and tends to evolve as it does.

To begin with, the main mirroring that happens is on the surface.

You connect on a superficial level and find that you share a lot of opinions, attitudes, concerns, and ideas.

Deeper Connection

After a short while, you will begin to connect on a slightly more profound level, and as you connect deeper and deeper, you will find more and more of a mirror effect.

You don’t just share the superficial stuff; it’s also the deep and important values that are core to who you are.

You will discover that you have had similar experiences and that they have shaped both of you into who you are today.

You will share so much that it will begin to feel uncanny like there’s something weird going on.

This is one type of mirroring that we see straight away in this relationship, but other more important types show up a bit later.

Twin Flame Mirror Reflection

Many people think that Twin Flames share a soul. This is because it is often said, and the people saying it is right – in a sense.

It isn’t that you have half a soul and they have the other half.

You have a whole, individual, unique soul that is entirely yours and yours alone.

Rather, it’s that you share an underlying soul pattern.

Think of it like a blueprint that both of your souls were built according to – although the plans are the same, the end product is affected by the environment in which it was built.

It is the underlying soul pattern that causes the mirroring, and it creates a specific type of mirroring that has a considerable effect on the budding relationship.

You See Yourself

When you are with your Twin Flame, you will experience a mirror reflection of yourself.

Interacting with them, getting to know them, and growing to understand them will help you learn more about yourself – and what you learn is not always comfortable for you.

Light is cast on your flaws, weaknesses, and neuroses.

Everybody has them, and everybody needs to deal with them, but most people don’t have a Twin Flame Mirror to show them exactly where the problems are.

Seeing your own shortcomings in another person puts you at risk of blaming that person, and it is no different with your Mirror Soul.

This is usually the cause of Separation in the new relationship, which only adds to the pain of that problematic stage.

Twin Flames Mirror Each Other

But it is important that Twin Flames mirror each other. It is one part of what makes this experience worthwhile.

The personal development you must undergo in order to reach Union with them is difficult to achieve without high self-awareness, and high self-awareness is difficult to accomplish without personal development.

Having your soul mirrored back to you is a way around that.

It has always been easier to see the mistakes that others make compared to the ones you make.

That isn’t to say that we are all more critical of others than ourselves – far from it! It is often the case that we are harsh on ourselves and more lenient with others.

But actually seeing your own problems is a lot more complicated than seeing those same problems in others.

 The Secret To Twin Flame Success

They mirror back to you the same flaws and issues that you display to them.

Because you are mirrors of each other, this means that you can see more clearly what is holding you back.

It is only once you can see the problem clearly that you can begin to address it.

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to see it that way.

In fact, there is often a Runner in the relationship who will turn tail and run as soon as this starts to happen with any depth.

This is borne of fear and anxiety after being faced with their own issues.

The sad fact is that we, as a society, try to play down negative emotions and privilege optimism.

Shame Of Separation

This leads to a lot of people keeping their darker sides and their flaws under wraps, tucked away from the world so that nobody else can see their shame.

Having light spread all over that is like being caught naked by a roommate – but emotionally naked, which is much more embarrassing.

But it shouldn’t be embarrassing, and realizing that is part of the journey back towards Union after the Separation.

You weren’t caught naked, and you were offered some clothes – or, instead, the opportunity to improve and move forward towards your best self.

You are lucky if you have met your Mirror Soul.

You are fortunate to have the opportunity in this lifetime to realize your true potential, to experience true love and destiny, and to journey into the higher dimensions of consciousness with your Flame.