Twin Flame Mirror Your True Authentic Self

Ever heard of the notion of complete mirror of someone’s aspect? Which is true for twin flames, a twin flame mirror in many ways is your true reflection cosmically.

Cosmic connections feel like a lifelong partnership.

Don’t confuse this with soulmates; twin flames are much more, they are the etheric soul to soul connections.

Soulmates are about learning to cope with life on earth, while twin flames push us to align cosmically.

When you explore twin flame mirror connection with your partner, it can deepen your love.

The Twin Flame Mirror Connection

It’s not easy to notice these signs; sometimes we brush them off as mere coincidences.

If you have read our other articles, we mentioned that coincidences never exist. The universe has a set goal for every motion it creates, which includes our daily encounters.

Here are the signs you will notice:

  • Similar dreams – You will notice with your twin flame that your dreams are quite similar and align together.
  • Synchronicities – Yes you will notice these more often with your twin flame.
  • Past lives – Although not easily understood, deep within your soul you get the feeling you both have similarities in them.
  • Past life meetings – You could not have met. We meet our twin flame when the timing is right.
  • Twin flame mirror – This is the obvious one; you will notice you both mirror each other.
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Culture And New Life Experiences

I have mentioned in my post: Signs that Reveal twin connections, that more and more twin flames are connecting.

Since the vibration of mother gai and our consciousness has levelled up. Twin flames are meeting all over the place, and they will always mirror each other no matter the continent or culture.

  • Speak different languages – Your twin flame may be raised in a different culture than you.
  • Telepathy – Telepathy is always an option, whether its shared dreams at night or synchronicities.
  • Trust – There is always the feeling that your twin flame knows your soul more than anyone.

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Despite all these positive notions, your twin flame will never be perfect. They are not another being of perfection, they are still human, and human experiences are essential to them.

Along the journey, they will make choices that suit their human experience. Whether they break up with you or become the runner, know that they will make mistakes.

Meeting your twin flame isn’t about complete nirvana; instead, it’s a learning experience, you will still fight over things. Just know that the twin flame mirror connection plays a role in your day to day activity.

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How do you mirror your twin flame or soul mate? How do you progress through frustrations please let us know.

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