Twin Flame Mission And Reunion On Earth

Twin Flame Mission – We as humanity are on the brink of a quantum leap in consciousness. There are many individuals on the spiritual path are preparing in their own unique ways. They are realizing now is the time to awaken the potential and we as human beings have to take responsibility for ourselves and for planet Earth.

Twin flames also have a contribution to make; right now they are coming together in numbers to assist with the ascension process, both at individual and planetary levels. Whenever twin flames join together in love and harmony, they are generating an energy that can be imagined as light in the darkness of society’s consciousness.



The Twin Flame Mission On Earthtwin flame mission on earth 1

When twin flames are reuniting together by completing each other energetically. The two create three, which is the trinity symbol, a potent force of love and light at an exceedingly heightened pure level.

The twin flame reunion energy is different than the energy generated by the individual groups of people who are working together on the spiritual levels. Twin flames seem to have a unique offering for each other and this in turn helps to expand their own service to humanity.

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Each twin flame is like a individual flame, each igniting one another in succession, and each representing a conscious and harmonious relationship between the twin flames as a unified whole.

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As the twin flames multiply and expand in consciousness there will be so many flames, so much light and energy on the planet. This will act as the catalyst to help bring about the expected breakthrough of consciousness within the whole of humanity on the planet.


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