Twin flame nervousness can arise from numerous complicating factors.

In a twin flame relationship, nervousness is a normal occurrence, considering its nature and dynamics.

A twin flame relationship is unsettling, intense, fierce, impassioned and knotty and takes a toll on even the most composed of individuals.

The Spark

Many people who come across their twin flame feel an instant spike in their mental and spiritual levels.

This spark that ignites never subsides during the entire twin flame relationship. And wherever there is such intense energy, complications are a given.

Twin Flame Nervousness

One of the most frequent reasons the twin flame nervousness springs from is the twin flame runner-chaser dynamic.

The twin flame with the feminine energy is spiritually mature while the masculine counterpart is not.

These conflicting spiritualties create a gaping hole in their relationship.

Twin Flame Mirror

In the initial phases, a twin flame relationship goes on particularly well. However, this period doesn’t sustain itself.

Sooner rather than later, the twin flame mirror each other’s fears, insecurities, harrowing past, forcing each other to face each other’s inner demons.

The twin flame with masculine energy has a thick, coarse outer exterior.

They make a habit of shunning their emotional troubles rather than facing them head-on.

But this changes when they meet their destined twin flame.

This compels the feminine energy one to resolve their emotional conflicts. In doing that, she becomes the chaser and the male counterpart the runner.

The runner opts for a life of estrangement because he is not yet ready to resolve his emotional conflicts, aggravating the twin flame nervousness.

What makes matters worse is the way the chaser tackles the whole situation.

She constantly evades the runner’s privacy and tries to force his hand, instead of giving him space and time to realise what he’s missing out on.

Twin Flame Union

The best way to overcome twin flame nervousness is to believe in the eternal nature of the twin flame union.

The twin flame relationship is like no other. The universal source itself has endorsed it.

It conspires to align the fates of the twin flames no matter how hard they try to seek seclusion.

If you’re sure that the person you’re in love with is your twin flame, then you have nothing to worry about.

Embrace patience and let things run their organic course because, at the end of the line, you will unite with your twin undoubtedly.

The twin flame nervousness only serves to compound relationship problems.

The chaser must let the runner exhaust his options. She must let him conclude that running from her will not get him anywhere.

And the runner must find his path. He must not give in to cynicism and take a leap of faith.

If he musters up the courage to reunite with his flame, things will eventually turn out for the better.

Otherwise, he’ll just end up prolonging the inevitable.

Although twin flame nervousness drives you crazy, it’s worth the struggle.