Twin flame numbers show up when you are embarking on your twin flame journey, and continue throughout it.

Using numerology and some expertise, we can spot the patterns in these twin flame numbers.

The twin flame number 444 is all about sticking to your path, overcoming the odds and journeying towards ascension with your twin.

Let’s do a full rundown the twin flame number 444.

Twin Flame 444: On The Right Path

You are on the right path. That is, you are on the twin flame journey and headed in the right direction, doing the right practice and meditation and reading the right materials.

During times of doubt, twin flame number 444 shows up to assure us that we need not doubt our journey or our decision to be on it.

Self-doubt can cause us many problems. We start to lose our trust in ourselves and our intuition, losing faith in our capabilities to make the right decisions and choose the right path.

But we, as human beings, are very good at intuitively finding the right path.

Masters at it, which is what enables us to live as we do. Although we may not have all of the information, although we might be unable to think through every single detail.

We have to trust our guts and our instincts, or we will find ourselves frozen in one spot.

We are reminded by 444 that the twin flame journey is our correct path, and assures us that we are on it.

Twin Flame 444: Overcoming Odds

The twin flame number 444 also signals a turning of the tables.

Everyone loves an underdog. Getting something without earning it or having to struggle for it is rarely satisfying for most people. It’s the struggles that forge our path.

Perhaps you have had a difficult time with your twin flame. Arguments, tension, different ideas – all of these can be obstacles that dishearten you.

All of that is primed to change. But you must overcome the challenge if you are to see that change.

444 reminds us that we must do our work to overcome the challenges that lie in our way.

Ensure you are doing the healing meditations and processes that all twin flames should do.

In other words, its time to have it out and clear a little karma. You will both be better for it.

Twin Flame 444: Twin Flame Ascension

Finally, the twin flame number 444 shows us a glimpse of the goal of our twin flame journey. Through it, we need to always strive for twin flame ascension.

This is the final goal of the twin flame journey, moving both of you up to a new dimension of consciousness and elevating not only yourselves and each other, but also the entirety of humanity.

Ascension, and especially twin flame ascension, are noble deeds. Altruistic, in its way.

So 444 might be a little hand on the shoulder, a sign that you must continue with dedication and emotional strength towards the beauty of ascension.