The Twin Flame numbers are a set of numbers that appear to us through synchronicity to help guide us through our Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flame number 61 asks you to reassess your ideas about spirituality and the journey you are on.

There’s more depth to the number 61 than that, primarily related to the Twin Flame journey.

If you are experiencing synchronicity with Twin Flame number 61, stick around for what it might mean for you.

Numerology Meaning Of Number 61

To understand the meaning of number 61 when it relates to Twin Flames, we need to understand the general numerological meaning of number 61.

We get the numerological meaning of 61 from three numbers, in order of importance:

7, is from 6 + 1 = 7. It represents introspection, intuition and wisdom.

6, the first digit, represents domesticity, home life and family.

1, the second digit, represents new beginnings, self-determination and independence.

The numerological meaning of the number 61 is therefore related to introspection, intuition and wisdom.

It also relates to home and family, and finally new beginnings, new ways of doing things and independence.

So let’s take this meaning and apply it to your Twin Flame journey.

Twin Flame 61: Your Union Obstacles Are Within

If you have yet to achieve Union with your Twin Flame, then Twin Flame number 61 is likely telling you that you need to look within yourself for the obstacles standing in the way.

Notably, your problems might revolve around a lack of control over your own life, perhaps brought on by difficulties at home.

A union between Twin Flames can only happen once you are ready for it.

Not only do you need to be at the right point in your life logistically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

Only by raising your vibrations and making personal progress will you be prepared for Twin Flame Union.

Take some time to yourself at home, perhaps setting aside a “special space”, and engage in meditation over the number 61.

Listen to your intuition for ideas and thoughts that feel “sticky”, especially with strong emotional effects.

Those are the thoughts you need to mull over – though just accepting them without contemplation is no better than ignoring them.

Twin Flame 61: Your Twin Flame Relationship Needs Work

If you have met and lived with your Twin Flame, number 61 is likely to inform you that your home life and relationship needs work for you both to progress on your Twin Flame journey.

This work requires each of you to engage in reflective contemplation.

In simple terms, this means allowing every uncomfortable aspect of your relationship to enter into your mind without judgement and feeling whatever feelings arise.

Then, by discussing any concerns that come up with your Twin Flame, you can help to work through the obstacles that are limiting your potential for ascension.

The key is to allow yourself time to be introspective while making a joint decision on any new path you might need to take.

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