Twin Flame Number 7 – Journey Towards Ascension

The twin flame number 7 is one of the primary twin flame numbers and has strong connections to your twin flame destiny – ascension.

The twin flame numbers are unique numerological numbers that deliver us messages and guidance about our unique twin flame journey.

Because each twin flame journey is unique to the individual, so is the meaning of the twin flame number 7.

But we can run through the most common meanings and symbolism behind the twin flame number 7.  And what you might do if this extraordinary number is currently resonating with you and your twin flame.

About Twin Flame Number 7

In numerology, the number 7 often represents wisdom and thought, concentrating on considering words and actions and being mindful of your own words and actions.

Twin flame number 7 builds upon this, representing the wisdom of the path of the twin flame and the journey towards ascension.

This usually shows up when you have already met and began a relationship with your twin flame, and the number 7 showing up is often a good sign.

However, there are instances where the twin flame number 7 might resonate with you before your twin flame meeting.

This is also usually a good sign, as it represents the positive nature of your intention to find your twin flame.

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In most cases, though, it happens as the twin flame journey is reaching its climax.

Therefore, many twin flames find their number 7 stage to be one of excitement – and often the most peaceful, co-operative period in the relationship so far.

Repeating Number 7, 77

As with all twin flame numbers, repeating 7s strengthen the numerological and symbolic meaning of the message.

It also adds a sense of urgency. When the very long repeating 7s show-up, it might be a sign that you should slow down on your journey – perhaps you have been pushing too hard, rather than enjoying the ride.

It’s common for twin flames to see up to 4 digits of twin flame numbers through synchronicity.

What To Do If Twin Flame Number 7 Becomes Synchronous

If the twin flame number 7 keeps showing up in your life through synchronicity, it is time to take a moment to examine your journey.

For us to grow as individuals and as twin flames, we must stop and take stock of all the things we have learned over along the way.

Through the twin flame number 7, we are assured that we are on the right path. But to continue on the right path, we must know how we got to where we are.

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Sit down with your twin and have an honest discussion about all the things that the two of you have gotten right.

We do this all the time about the things we have gotten wrong.

Couples argue all the time about that stuff, whereas the good stuff goes unmentioned.

Doing this will allow you to not only get a better grip on the decisions you made to achieve your goals but will also give you a better appreciation of what you have.

And, moving forward, this will only inspire you to take the twin flame journey to its conclusion, reuniting your souls once more in a higher dimension of consciousness.

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