The twin flame number 911 has a deep meaning for twin flames and those who hope to find theirs.

Not only is it a number that aids twin flames to reunite, but it is also a number that represents and helps to promote growth within the twin flame relationship.

So let’s take a look at the meaning and significance of the twin flame number 911 – and how it might apply to your twin flame relationship.

Resurrection & Reunion

First, let’s take a look at the numerological meaning of the twin flame number 911.

It begins with a number 9; it is universally accepted as the number of endings and compleation– for obvious reasons.

For equally obvious reasons, the number one represents beginnings, and a repeated number 1 (11) represents double the importance of this new beginning.

Woven within the fabric of 911 is the idea of new beginnings springing from something else coming to an end.

We can see how this applies to the twin flame relationship by considering how the twin flame experience looks from a cosmic perspective.

For you, as you are now, your twin flame relationship begins when you meet them in this life. But from the perspective of your eternal soul, this is just another iteration.

Once again resurrected, seeking to reunite with your twin flame – the other half of your soul.

This is strong symbolism, but it also represents the idea of personal and metaphysical growth between twin flames.

By bringing bad habits to an end, by closing old wounds and by burying old hatchets, we bring into our lives the new beginnings we need to progress as people.

Urgency & Fear

Of course, in the modern age, we associate the number 911 with a few unsavoury things.

First, the emergency services in many countries use 911 (or some variant) for their phone line.

This breeds the idea of urgency into the number, which alters its metaphysical properties.

Then, of course, the terrorist attacks in New York in 2001 changed the number 911 forever.

Events like this alter the patterns that numerology works with, and with the sheer level of fear that this one event generated – not to mention the dire and direct consequences for the people involved.

New Meaning

It is at the point that the twin flame number 911 now has other meanings for some.

The number 11 has long been thought to represent a new beginning that is more dangerous or unstable.

We can, therefore, take the twin flame number 911 to hold a secondary meaning.

A secondary meaning that carries a warning when you see this number.

Sometimes when things come to an end, and you begin on the next phase of your journey, your excitement for this next phase might blind you to dangers that lurk.

Be careful not to get arrogant about your twin flame relationship, in other words.

You might feel like you are nailing it right now – and you might well be! – but that doesn’t mean that you can slack off.

Take off your autopilot and engage 100% with your twin flame. You never know when a new beginning is going to take you by surprise.

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