Why do we start a relationship in the first place? The correct answer is to find a life companion with whom we can share our happiness and sadness; to have a partner in the good and hard times; to love and receive love, and to find harmony and peace in life.

Twin flame relationship is an extraordinary connection, in which you find your counterpart and understand each other.

Even when there’s a fight between you two, you always get back together peacefully. You both respect the needs of each other and share a mutual understanding.

No relationship is perfect, and neither is the twin flame relationship, but many are continuing a toxic relationship on the name of twin flame connection.

Just because you think that your partner is your twin flame, doesn’t make them your twin. Twin flame relationship initiates the true journey of the soul and leads it towards betterment.

Both partners share common life goals, and together they strive to attain their soul’s purpose. This relationship nurtures you emotionally and physically and makes you strong and better person.

On the other hand, a toxic relationship is never good. This relationship only harms you emotionally and physically. It is one-sided affiliation in which you are gaining nothing at all.

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There are many forms of toxic relationship, and if you are in one, then it’s likely you are not in a twin flame relation.

Listed below are signs you are in a toxic relationship:

Finance Dependency:

This toxic relationship in which your partner is here only for the money. There’s no love talk and only money matters.

No Freedom at All:

When you are fearful and have trouble expressing yourself. There’s no freedom of speech. You cannot even share your true emotions. You cannot choose where to go or where not. Your relationship even affects your dressing style.

No Truthfulness:

Sooner or later, your partner lies and cheats. There’s a consistent pattern. Even there are so many hidden secrets, and when you remove the curtain from them, you are the real culprit.

Your partner always enforces you to think that you are wrong and whatever you do is a mess.

Peace Never Remains:

You do your best to keep the peace; you also listen to your partner’s wishes to maintain the peace, but you both always end up fighting. There are very few highs and most of the time; there are only lows.

Abusive Behavior:

Whether it’s a verbal abuse or physical, any abusive behaviour means that you are in a toxic relationship.

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Misleading Communication:

When you say north, they always say south. There’s no proper communication, and most of the conversation is no talking for few days or a fight.

If you have any of these six mentioned problems in a relationship, it means you are in a toxic relationship. Don’t fool yourself by considering your abuser as your twin flame.

Be real and move on! Life will give you other chances, and you will get the relationship you have been looking for.