The twin flame relationship is an intense, once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be physically, emotionally and spiritually rewarding for everyone involved.

It isn’t without its difficulties, however.

And just as the love that you feel for your twin flame is almost unbearably intense, so can be the pain of being apart from them.

Luckily, there are some ways to help the process along while getting through the pain of twin flame separation.

1. Understand Twin Flame Separation

Twin flames go through the “runner and chaser” stage, at different times for different reasons.

This is a normal process where one twin enters into a state of denial of the twin flame relationship.

They don’t have the metaphysical tools to deal with the experience and are driven to run.

The other twin understands the process but is nonetheless heartbroken.

Knowing that this is normal can help to give you the hope and the strength you need to get through a twin flame separation.

2. Experience Soul Shock

Soul shock is like heartbreak on steroids, and both the runner and chaser experience it.

For the chaser, it is essential to understand soul shock – and to surrender to it!

At least for a while. It is healthy to experience these emotions and to express them.

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Be careful not to wallow in it though; once you have dealt with soul shock, you should be trying to come to peace with it.

3. Work On Yourself

This stage of the twin flame relationship is for the final preparations.

You should use the time when you are apart to work on your own soul’s needs and build your confidence back up.

There’s no use sitting around – only by growing as a person will you reunite with your twin flame.

4. Trust Your Twin Flame

It can be tempting to blame your twin for the pain of being apart – after all; they are the runner!

But it isn’t their fault. They are doing the same work you are, growing into the person they need to be to fulfil their soul promise to you.

Trust that they will return to you when they are ready – and trust that they want to be prepared, even if they don’t know it yet.

5. Surrender To The Universe

Finally, there comes the point during twin flame separation that you simply have to let go of the process and trust in the Universe.

Patience is a virtue. That is true here but in truth having patience at this point is a necessity.

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You will reunite, but it will not be on your timetable.

And hopefully that brings you some respite from the pain of being apart from your twin flame.

Knowing that there is a plan, a destiny that you will fulfil with your twin flame, it should be easier to deal with the pain right now.

After all, this soul shock will be worth it when you ascend with your twin flame – and truest possible love.

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