Twin Flame Pain – The Runner Stage

Twin Flame Pain of Having Them Run Away

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Twin flame pain of having them run away

Twin flames can be such a mystery to anyone who has not experienced a twin flame relationship, you can end up with the twin flame pain of having them running away from you. In the twin flame position, one partner might always be the runner and the other one is left questioning exactly what has happened, just what they have said or notably of the sort.


If you have just met your twin flame and they have run away, and you are wondering what has happened, why did they run away ? rest assured its nothing to do with how you have behaved or anything you have said.

twin flame pain

Let your twin flame fly in to your open heart from the divine this is your gift of unconditional love.

When a twin flame runs away its most likely they don’t want a relationship or they were not looking for a relationship Logically, they are most likely fighting a losing battle simply because their soul therefore knows that what it has seen, cannot be unseen! Unless of course the runner twin decides to deal with the fact that they are in fact running away and also not validate it with a ridiculous excuse.

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One of the challenge of having a twin flame relationship is that it will be dynamic and troubled with immense challenges. You will probably be the conscious aware one and your partner may possibly be the runner.

Or, it can easily even be vice versa.There are some stories reported that some people feel so much pain that they go to the hospital, thinking they are about to have a heart attack, only to find out there was nothing wrong.

What has gone wrong is the fact that mainly because twin flames are often linked very profoundly through their heart chakra, it can usually mean a pull or a tear in the other twin, immediately affects the conscious one.

The best thing to do in a situation like this is to leave your twin flame to their own space as long as they need. You may not even be in a relationship with them, however one factor is for sure you will continually be a part of each other’s life simply because no one can steal your soul connection away from you.

Twin Flame runner Pain

Kim talks about twin flame runners and why it does happen, have you wondered why your twin has run away ?



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