Every relationship has its problems. Although a twin flame connection is considered as the topmost bond between the two individuals, it is also not free from problems. Like the love in this relationship, twin flame problems are also very much devastating. Some problems are mild and can be solved by communication. But, some issues should not be neglected and require proper counselling to get solved.

The biggest problem in the twin flame relationship is that one person feels a deep association with another person and doesn’t want to leave them under any circumstances. This makes the other person more influential and stronger. Sometimes, this strength leads to abusive behaviours and one continues to bear them for the sake of the love and to carry on the relationship.

There are many cases in our surroundings when one twin flame becomes a victim of verbal or physical abuse on a daily basis. Whether there is a mental manipulation or physical, both are incredibly wrong, and nobody should become a victim. There could be many reasons for the abusive behaviour of the twin flame: aggression, being abused during childhood, or want to overpower the other.

Twin flames have a deep connection; that’s true, but it doesn’t mean that one should be abusive. It might feel like that relationship is significant and living your life this way is better than living away from your twin flame, but you are wrong.

Your twin flame is sick and needs help and so do you if you want to continue the relationship. You might feel shattered on the thought of leaving that individual, but the truth is nothing will change them; not even your powerful love and simplicity of bearing their narcissistic behaviour.

An Abusive Relationship Might Not Be A Twin Flame Connection:

The powerful attraction with immediate initiation of the relationship doesn’t mean that you are in a twin flame relationship. Karmic relationships start exactly the same way as any twin flame relationship.

They have an intense attraction that makes you feel that you cannot live without that person. When physically involved, no other thing seems to make sense. Abusive behaviour is one common characteristic of these relationships as well. One or both individuals are using each other to fulfil their desires.

Twin flame relationship means that your counterpart will help you to achieve your life goals, and not take you morally down. It never leads to crying nights with signs of abuse on your face or your body. This relationship doesn’t result in fear of being beaten or being a bad person in front of others.

In all the twin flame problems, abusive behaviour is the biggest because the victim doesn’t want to get rid of the issue. Instead, they want to stay, and that’s what makes the abuser even more powerful.

If you are in any such kind of a relationship, leave right away. If you are afraid of what he could do to you if you leave, seek help from the authorities. There’s no way that your twin flame could hurt you. That person could never be your well-wisher. You will suffer till your last breath.