Psychics are always asked about romantic relationships, they are to perceive energies around these ties.

People often become focused with each other as that person is prominent in their mind, often twin flames dominate each other’s thoughts, we would call this twin flame psychic communication.

Let’s assume you know who your twin flame is and would like to know them more. You know through your heart chakra you are linked, and you have fallen in love, but unfortunately third dimensional time won’t allow you to see them, and distance being the big one.

We have listed below psychic connection signs, which allow you to understand your twin flame relationship better, making your journey on 3d Earth smoother.

Signs of Twin Flame Psychic Communication

Multiple levels of energy

Whenever twin flames unite on a spirit level, it often opens up doorways to many channels of energy that would run throughout both twin flame.

This energy is very strong and links directly to all other soul and Source family members. In addition, it ripples divine love all through earth and all the dimensions.

Twin flames are Psychically connected before time

Throughout time twin flames were always connected, and along many life times. They have been throughout many dimensions and communicating from a distinct notion of time.

Twin flame psychic communication goes around other means of connection

The twin flame psychic communication diverts other means of connection. There isn’t any need to decipher this, as the frequencies are understood directly by the other.

Through psychic connection you’re able to recognize your twins physical, mental and emotional states. The psychic connection is accepted through our heart chakra, which holds mental and emotional insight.

Connecting through Heart Chakra

When twin flames unite the heart chakra may open to high sensation of love and this feeling turns through the heart chakra creating a channel for psychic communication between both.

Realize this love is very compelling, it is able embrace everything allowing it to send significant energy into our universe which spirals to source itself.twin flame psychic 2

Connecting through our 7th Chakra

Psychic communication can also be received through our 7th Chakra which is the soul body, an extremely high vibrational chakra, of course our mental body plays into it as well.

Through time, space and love

Twin flames seem to connect through space and time through love and love is the only energy twin flames connect to.

Whenever twin flames allow their heart to be open and full of love of their cosmic counterparts essence and their energy, then the twin’s would be able to experience all the things their other half is feeling across time.

Other twin flame psychic connection are:

1. You feel a explosive quickening of energy in your heart chakra.

2. Feeling butterflies in your tummy.

3. You feel your twin’s presence around you.

4. Image of your twin flame pops in your head.

5. Sometimes you feel them breathing close to you.

Which twin flame psychic connection are you noticing?

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