Twin flames are one soul in two bodies, but they not necessarily incarnated on the earth at the same time. However, when they do – there is a higher purpose.

Many twin flames are incarnating and meeting their twins at this time. There is an increased sense of consciousness globally. People are getting more and more aware.

It is commonly seen that when twin flames come together, one is fully awake while the other is not and needs lots of work. Spiritually, twin flames are the leaders in serving humanity. Their relationship is not only for themselves but others as well as they help others to achieve their higher selves.

The true purpose of twin flame incarnation is to transform and know what the meaning of life is.

The main purpose of the twin flame relationship is a spiritual awakening. It is the evolution of subconscious the mind that helps you know the unknown.

When you are awake, your perception of reality completely changes. It lets you find what’s right and what’s wrong. You discard your old and false beliefs of the relationship that are based on ego and fear. The new relationship you know is full of peace and happiness.

Awakening is the process that transforms the frightened and confused person into a confident being who is ready for everything. That’s what twin flame relationships do to you. It brings the best out of you and makes you a valuable asset to society.

The other purpose of twin flame relationships is to provide you with the overall elevated sense of the Earth and its being. When a twin flame couple starts and reaches the peak of the ascension process, they make miracles.

They become some of the most important assets of the Earth. They work hard to bring peace and comfort to their surroundings. It doesn’t matter on which part of the Earth they are living, people know them for their excellent behaviour and helpful nature.

There’s always a divine purpose whenever twin flames come together. They enjoy the deep love that every soul wants. A twin flame couple shows the perfect example of how a person must live and be in life.

The successful twin flame relationship becomes the role model for other couples. People see them and learn from them. Not only that, but they also teach others how to live a happy life with all the hurdles around.  Their relationship is meaningful and everlasting.

The vibrational frequency of twin flames is very high, and it even elevates higher when they encounter their counterpart in the physical world. The reconnection comes with the explosion that becomes quite destructive but has unexplainable energy.

Their high vibration is required to raise the light on Earth and fight the darkness.

That’s why twin flames are incarnated on the planet at a particular time when there’s a requirement to increase the overall consciousness of the world towards love and care.

The life purpose of twin flames is to transform the low vibrational frequency energies into higher energies to drag the world out of darkness and pain of 3D illusion.

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