Twin Flame Quiz to Find Your Souls Other Half

Twin Flame Quiz, have you found the one in your life ?

Most of us know who our soul mates are. But are we able to recognize our other half ? Our twin flame ?

Twin flames may sound like a new concept to you. As we are into 2015 and the opportunity for growth and spiritual advancement can happen, it is probably best time to meet your twin flame. Your twin flame awaits. There is a warning sign as its never going to be easy.



Most of us have many as 12 soul mates, which ranges from siblings to spouses, teachers, friends and lovers. Soul mates are people who support you in this life and also they are people who we are closely connected with. We have a lot in common with our soul mates and they are always there to support us, they are encouraging us and sharing every step of the way.

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I’m amazed when I look at you. Not just because of your looks, but becuase of the fact that everything I’ve ever wanted is right in front of me.

Take this twin flame quiz and answer yes or no to each question. Be honest with each answer.

Twin Flame Quiz to Know your Souls Other Half

1. When you first met each other, did you feel comfortable when together but could not explain why ?

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2. Do you feel you bring the best in each other ?

3. Do you feel safe being in each other presence ?

4. Just for the purpose of this twin flame quiz, would you say relationship with your partner is expansive or restrictive ?

5. When you have an argument or disagreement do you feel you can both work together and resolve it ?

6. When one of you screws up, are you able to forgive each other ?

7. Is your sex life a natural and deep extension of your relationship ?

8. Do you feel deep down and for the purpose of this twin flame quiz, feel connected and secure in your relationship ?

9. Are you always finding ways to build each other up ?

10. Are you able to be your most vulnerable, your imperfect self with each other without even thinking about judgment or rejection ?

11. When you have to adjust for the normal needs to compromise sometimes, when you have to solve problems, do you experience a feeling of win win situation or is it normally one of you is the winner and the other the loser.

12. Was your meeting remarkable, or was it by chance ?

13. Are you easy in your relationship and there is a flow to it ?

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14. Are you completely safe and able to express yourself sexually with your partner ?

15. When you do fight are you confident that you will work it out ?

16. For the intent of this twin flame quiz, do you feel that you are both pursuing your life purposes ?

17. In your relationship are you able to stretch outside your comfort zone and able to grow as individuals ?

18. Do you have an inspirational and a creative connection with your partner ?

19. We all understand that we have a different life skills, do you feel as if you are equals or one of you is always dominant ?

20. Is your relationship supporting both of you becoming more whole or are you always sacrificing your needs ?


If you have answered mostly yes to these questions then you have found your twin flame.



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