Twin Flame Radiance Stage: The twin flame relationship is the most important relationship we will experience.

This importance is not just relevant to us but also to the whole universe.

The twin flame relationship is of cosmic importance.

That is why it is so intense, so difficult and ultimately so rewarding.

Twin Flame Radiance Stage

The sixth stage of the twin flame relationship is commonly referred to as the “radiance stage” and is the stage in which we reach full spiritually awakening with our twin flame.

So let’s talk about this stage in a bit more depth:

Radiance & Cosmic Love

 Up until this point in the twin flame relationship, we have been working to bring two spiritually intertwined people into one being.

With surrender, we have reunited fully with our twin flame and accepted our unconditional love for each other.

The next stage requires a whole new perspective – one of the universe, the cosmos and the consciousness within it.

We have accepted our love for one another.

Now comes the time to turn that love outwards to the rest of humanity.

We have discovered the true meaning of life, we have felt the touch of cosmic light, and we must strive to share that love and light with the rest of our species.

To keep it to ourselves would be the height of selfishness.

Sharing Love & Light

This is a shared mission in and of itself.

We embark on this mission of spreading the love and light with our twin flame – or not at all.

It must be embarked on together, or the light cannot be seen.

What this means in practical terms is that we must talk about our journey and the things we have learned.

We must seek out the willing and mentor them, cultivating the love that exists within them and helping them to reach where we are.

And we must dangle the hook for the unwilling or unaware.

Never should we push them, but we should let them know that they can come to us.

This is the mission of the twin flame union.

 The Mission

 For humanity to ascend and transcend the purely physical realm and reach the higher states of consciousness, the first stages of universal ascension must be completed.

 That is what the twin flames do.

 But the mission does not stop with us.

We need to spread the word, spread love and spread light so that all people may one day ascend with us and bring humanity into the next era.

 An era of oneness. A period of love and light.

 We have been gifted with unconditional love within the twin flame relationship, and we must pass that gift on.

Starting small, we should help our friends and family to find their twin flames and to live their spiritual journey.

And as more and more people do this, the light is spread, and humanity moves forward on its journey.

It is our responsibility and our pleasure to be a part of something much bigger than us.

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