In your twin flame journey, your soul accepted a spiritual contract with the universe to help you in this ascension process. 

This contract is what drew your twin flame to your life and connecting with them will be one of the greatest gifts given. 

You might ask why ascension in general, well it’s because, during ascension, we release our three-dimensional bodies for a lighter more purified version of physical existence.

Separation is part of our human experience on Earth and a human’s prime purpose is to evolve. 

We have all come here with a plan. 

The twin flame relationship has been called an initiation into the higher realms of consciousness where unconditional love exists, and it is one of human’s greatest challenges on Earth.

The separation stage teaches you about yourself and your twin flame. 

Separation is a painful process that forces you to face emotionally charged issues inside yourself, but it is also one of the most rewarding stages because you learn so much about yourself.

This painful process will help you to face all of your fears and transform them into courage or love. 

It is a time for inner purification, refinement, and empowerment which takes place before union can be completely attained.

Recognizing The Twin flame synchronicities During Separation

During the twin flame separation stage, you will come across a variety of synchronicities that can help you in your process.

If you don’t recognize them and learn how to trust yourself around them, you can get confused or start to doubt yourself or your twin’s authenticity again.

Once this starts happening, it often leads back to separation thoughts because there is a lack of understanding.

You can recognize these Synchronicity signs as part of the Twin Flame phenomena that have been reported by many others.

This is not just your imagination or wishful thinking.

Remember that these signs are meant to be recognized as a guide, so you know you’re moving in the right direction. It’s part of your twin flame journey and development path.

So, instead of doubting yourself or your mirror soul, you can learn to trust the signs that are being brought to you. This will help you both get through separation easier and faster.

I am going to share some of the most common Twin Flame Synchronicities so they may serve as a guide.

Twin Flame Synchronicity Examples

In this section, I am going to share a few Synchronicity experiences that were brought to my attention by readers of SU who sent me their stories and also shared them in the comment section.

Please keep in mind that Synchronicities tend to happen more frequently during the separation stage, which is why I want you to be aware that they may start showing up more often.

However, the same Synchronicities can also happen during other stages as well.

As long as you use them for your guidance and direction, they’ll help you move forward in your process much faster.

The Synchronicities listed below are a mixture of both shared experiences from others and my own twin flame journey.

You may notice synchronicity signs in your own process too.

They are as follows:


This is a very common and strong sign. It happens when you see the same numbers over and over again like 1111, 1212, or 3333 or 1234, 2222, etc.

You may see these numbers on clocks, license plates, or even random house numbers.

When you see the same number over and over again, it’s not just your imagination.

It’s your spirit guides that are bringing these numbers to your attention.

The most important thing is to acknowledge what the numbers are trying to tell you.

It can be a reminder of your spiritual lesson.

For example, 1 represents spiritual lessons, personal power, boundaries, and lessons in life while 3 is spiritual growth through the soul connection, divine love, and forgiveness.

It’s important to take notice because the number sequences will keep showing up until you have found the lesson that they are trying to bring you.

You may also see numbers like 12:34 (twins), 4:44 (heavenly father, divine masculine), 7:77 (wisdom), etc.

Numbers can often represent a higher purpose or mission that you came here to accomplish.

Colors or Symbols

You may also see colors or symbols when you look at signs, billboards, advertising, or other things in your environment.

The colors and symbols are not random. They have a meaning that’s trying to be brought to your attention.

For example, if you’re going through a breakup with your twin flame and you’re having a hard time, you may see the color pink everywhere.

This is not your mind playing tricks on you. It’s trying to reach you and help you through the situation.

Pink is the color of nurturing, emotional healing, and harmony.

Animal Synchronicities

These are very common too. You may spot the same animal over and over like a white bird or a black cat.

Different people give me different examples of this type of synchronicity.

These animals are not random either. They have special meanings that your spirit guides want to draw your attention towards.

The most important thing is to pay attention to what they’re trying to say and use it as guidance in your process.


These are dreams where you dream about your twin flame or even yourself, or it’s the exact same person, place, or situation.

They are very common and usually happen during the separation phase.

This is your spirit guide trying to connect with you through dreams so they can share guidance, direction, and even try to help you.


This is when something happens at the exact same time as another event.

For example, if your twin flame calls or texts you right after you had a big fight with someone or just got into an accident.

These are no coincidences because they happen all the time.

They are guidance messages from your spirit guide to help you stay on the right path.

Synchronicities happen all the time and there’s no coincidence involved.

If you pay attention to synchronicities, it will help you move forward in your process faster.

Do Both Twin Flames See Synchronicities?

The connection between these two souls is very strong. They can both feel each other’s presence even when they are not physically together.

So, yes twin flames see synchronicities during separation all the time because they are experiencing them internally.

When one twin experiences synchronicity the other will follow suit.

In a twin flame union, the twin’s frequencies will be so high and their connection so strong that they can see and feel one another no matter how far away they are from each other.

This makes a twin flame relationship very different from regular relationships because there is no separation at all.

Separation is just an illusion that comes from the physical plane.

During separation, twins are connected telepathically.

This means that they can still communicate with one another and synchronicity is one way they do this.

Twin Flame Separation Ending Signs

If you want to know when your separation is ending, then there are many synchronicities that will happen before and after your twin flame reunites with you.

These signs often mean that you are about to reach the end of the separation phase and move on to a new level in your relationship.

Reunion Timeline

  1. You have a lot of synchronicities about your twin. These events show you that they are trying to reach out and communicate with you.
  2. You suddenly have a strong urge to call or text them even if it’s random or unexpected. This is because your spirit guide wants you two together again.
  3. You start dreaming about your twin or you experience a dream where you are both together in the same place.
  4. You notice a lot of synchronicities including repeating numbers, animals, dreams, and more.
  5. You start feeling a lot of positive energy and changes in your life that all point in the same direction: towards your twin soul.

Twin Flame Synchronicities Before The Union

You may notice these synchronicities before you meet your twin flame.

They are just clues that there is something special about the person you are about to meet and they will be part of your life in some way, either short or long term.

Most twin flames see synchronicities before they meet their twin.

The biggest sign is when you dream about them or when you meet in a dream.

You may even dream about your twin before you know who they are, this is because your spirit uses dreams to communicate with you when it can’t reach you in another way.

Another common synchronicity is seeing the number 1111 because it means you are being spiritually guided to this person.

Twin Flame Birthday Synchronicity

There are times you will notice synchronicities with the birthday of your twin flame.

This is especially true if you are in the early stages of separation or just feeling that there is something very different about your relationship.

Some have similar birthdays or are just a day apart. Time of birth also has a connection. The time of 11:11 has a great significance for many.

It’s important at those times to look for the synchronicities and let them guide you and see how things will play out in the relationship.

Do you stop seeing synchronicities after you are with your twin flame?

There will be a period when you don’t see these signs because your connection is very strong.

This changes if you go through a period of separation, which can happen for many reasons.

When this happens the synchronicities will come back slowly, until you are at the point of meeting again.

However, there are times when synchronicities will come and go during the union or if you are separated.

Spirit only shows you what the Universe wants you to know.

You may see all kinds of signs or none at all, and there is no specific order in how they will appear.

What does it mean when you get a lot of synchronicities and signs during separation?

If you are separated from your twin and you see a lot of synchronicities, it means there is a possibility for a reunion and the universe is guiding you towards that.

It’s also a sign to grow spiritually and become the best you can be because that is what it will take for you both to be together again.

If you are having a lot of these signs while being in union with your twin, then it means something needs changing.

Do both twin flames see numbers patterns and other synchronicities at the same time?

Sometimes you will both see these signs at the same time and sometimes not.

However, if you see these signs then it’s likely that your twin will see them in due time.

However, do not worry if they don’t because it is probably just their timing.

It’s very rare that you will be at the same spiritual level in the relationship.


Synchronicities are a great way of communicating with your twin flame.

These signs will appear at the right time whether during a separation or not, just as long as you both have a strong desire for a reunion.

It’s also important to trust that the universe is guiding you both towards each other again, even if it doesn’t seem like it at times.

It’s important to remember not everyone will experience these signs, but for those that do there is something very special about the relationship destined for you both.