Challenges In a Twin Flame Relationship

Twin flame relationships are full of twists and turns – if not always, then most of the time. Twin flame relationship challenges are not simple. When you are in the most precious union of your life, you also need to pay a higher price. There are so many things that twin flames have to face:

Twin Flame Relationship Challenges

  • Bearing Your Mirror Image:

Being with your mirror image might seem so dreamy, but it is not always. If one likes to remain silent, the other will talk a lot; if one is calm, the other is aggressive, and the list goes on. It is not easy to combat these issues all the time.

Let’s take one example of calmness and aggression. If you are a calm person, you will ignore most of the reasons that may lead to fighting. On the other hand, if your partner is aggressive, he will find every single means to show you that.

For the time being, your love will cover this flaw, but after some time, either you will become aggressive as well or start to remain sad that your counterpart doesn’t understand you,  that you want calmness. These things may lead to complications, and they are the biggest challenge in the twin flame relationship.

  • Indigestible Love:

On meeting the twin flame, not every person immediately accepts that it is only the love that provides happiness and relaxation. It becomes highly challenging for the individual who receives this love, to be everything to their twin flame. When one doesn’t understand the true meaning of the twin flame relationship, all the love doesn’t seem real.

  • Emotional Instability:

Emotional instability is one the hardest twin flame relationship challenges. This relationship is full of highs and lows. At the start, there’s an unexplained attraction that turns into an intense feeling of wanting to be together.

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But when together, one doesn’t understand why everything is happening so fast and runs away, while the other chases and keeps being shattered. The runner comes back and may go away again. There’s a cycle that goes on and on. This emotional roller coaster is very hard to control.

  • Timing Issues:

You meet your twin flame to achieve your life goals. They come in your life to entirely change you and make you better than before. However, if you meet your twin flame before your awakening time, things can become complicated.

To understand and live a true flame relationship, it is essential to recognise yourself first. But due to the powerful attraction, twin flames start to live together, but spiritual sleepiness of one could permanently damage the whole relationship.

Final Verdict:

Not only twin flame relationship but every union in the world has to face the challenges to keep going. You cannot guarantee the process of your twin flame’s thinking and behaviour, but what you do is in your control.

If you wish to live with your twin flame forever, you need to accept all these challenges. Some of them require ultimate forgiveness, while in others, there’s a need to admit the differences. Once you master these two things, you will learn where to remain silent and where to express your feelings. This will benefit your relationship and you can have it till your last breath.

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