The concept of soulmates has been around since the beginning of history. One perfect person for every one of us, somewhere out there in the world just waiting for us.

All we have to do is find them.

But there is more than one type of soulmate. In fact, we have many soulmates in this life, who will come in and out of our lives as and when they are needed for our spiritual journey.

The most unique and special type of soulmate is our twin flame.

Twin Flame

Our twin flame is the most similar to the prototypical soulmate described in popular culture.

We have only one twin flame. This is because they are our twin soul, a mirror expression of one shared soul on the spiritual plane manifested on the physical one.

They exist as our eternal partner through existence and consciousness.

And they are instrumental in our spiritual journey.

The Spiritual Journey

The primary purpose of the twin flame relationship is to allow us to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

The way this happens is through raising our vibrational energies to higher and higher frequencies.

We do this by learning the karmic lessons required – karmic lessons that are usually provided by our twin flame, directly or indirectly.

Of course, the twin flame relationship is not the only way we can progress along our spiritual journey. However, it is often the most effective and essential relationship in this process.

In fact, the importance of the twin flame relationship is cosmic in its scope.


The end goal of the twin flame relationship is to achieve ascension.

Ascension is the energetic upshift we mentioned that moves us along our spiritual journey.

The final stage of ascension moves us from being physical beings to being a unified spiritual being, achieving oneness with our twin flame and unity of the soul on the spiritual plane.

This may take many lifetimes, but our twin flame will always be alongside us.

The importance of this ascension is enormous.

The universal consciousness from which our souls split during the birth of the universe must unify once more, absorbing each dimension of consciousness one by one until it is one once more.

It is through this process that the universe learns about itself, allowing it to evolve and begin a new cycle.

When twin flames ascend, they have contributed to that process of universal ascension.

And What That Means For Us

Ascension is predestined on a flexible plan over which we have little control in the long run.

The universe designed itself this way. What that means for us is that there is a person out there – our twin flame – who has within them the perfect tools to help us to be our ideal selves.

We are designed in pairs, never fated to exist alone in the universe.

And through this relationship, we learn the true oneness of consciousness and life in the universe. We learn this absolute truth from our twin flame, as they learn it from us.