The most spiritually intimate relationship you will ever experience will be with your twin flame. Like all relationships, the twin flame relationship can have its fair share of problems.

It’s only natural for any relationship to go through rough patches, and the twin flame relationship is no exception to that rule.


So if you’re having twin flame relationship problems then read on for guidance on how to fix them.

Having Doubts About Twin Flame

The first and probably the most significant problem any twin flame relationship faces is doubt.

Many people view the twin flame experience as abstract, as something that happens to other people.

So when it happens to them, they doubt whether they have indeed found their twin flame – or the existence of twin flames altogether!

It happens more often than you might think.


These doubts are good, and it means that you are present in your life and thinking about things from multiple angles.

Both of you will have your doubts, both of you will be a little afraid of plunging into the unknown of the twin flame relationship.

The first lesson of the twin flame relationship is to find the strength to cast aside these doubts and go for it wholeheartedly.

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Twin Flame Relationships Are Hard

And you’ll need to go for it wholeheartedly, because twin flame relationships are hard, hard work.

This is because the twin flame relationship is designed to transform us from a fractured soul into a whole spiritual being – or rather, to find unity, love and oneness within each other and therefore ourselves.

The road ahead is paved with karmic lessons, old wounds that need healing and epiphanies to discover. With each comes a period of spiritual growth.

All of this means that twin flame relationships are by nature a challenge. But that’s not all.

Your twin flame may share your values, your passions, even your soul – but they often have strong opinions that cause us to clash. In fact, they will have as many flaws as you do, they are on their own healing journey too.

This means that fights might be frequent, issues might arise often and a lot of work has to be done to make the relationship work.


How To Make A Twin Flame Relationship Work

Luckily, we have you covered.

The key to making a twin flame relationship work is to enter into it with three goals:

  • Mutual spiritual growth.
  • Commitment to the journey.
  • Honest and clear communication.
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In essence, we should set out with our twin flame a plan for spiritual life. We should do this not only with our own growth in mind but with theirs too as your spiritual journeys are intertwined and cannot be separated.

We need to both commit to the journey, to the spiritual practice that will be required of us.

And to do all of that sustainably, to get through the fights and the arguments and all the rough patches that might come our way, we need to be honest with each other.

Working on communication skills is the single most important thing for any relationship, but is even more important for the twin flame relationship.

Once you have established a clear pattern of honest communication, the true magic of the twin flame relationship can finally begin.