The Twin Flame Runner and Chaser stage, also known as the Separation stage, is perhaps the most painful and challenging part of this special karmic relationship.

It is also one of the most discussed – but surprisingly, it is also one of the least well understood in the popular psyche.

There is a lot of misinformation that gets repeated over and over again, preventing people from properly managing this stage.

Let’s take a look at the Runner and Chaser dynamic, the reasons for it, and the opportunities and challenges that await you both:

The Twin Flame Runner And Chaser Stage

A separation characterises this stage of the Twin Flame relationship.

Many people think that this relationship shouldn’t have any periods of separation, that Twin Flames should never be breaking up and getting back together because how can two people who are meant for each other hurt each other?

But this stage is crucial to your personal development. It forces you to turn your focus inwards and address the issues that still exist.

By exposing you to the energy of your Twin Flame, your soul is laid bare.

By removing them from your life for a time, you get to experience your individual energy in a whole new way.

It opens up opportunities that you must take to bring this stage to an end and bring you back into Union.

Those opportunities are for personal growth and evolution and are available to both Runner and Chaser.

But the experience for the two of you will be different in many ways because the challenges you face are in various categories.

Twin Flame Runner And Chaser Dynamics

The Chaser “chases” the Runner, who “runs” from the relationship.

In practice, the Chaser is usually the one who is most connected to their spirituality.

The chaser can experience obsessions, depression, and anxiety when Separation occurs, and they typically place the blame for it squarely on the Runner.

The Runner is driven away by fear.

The meeting and initial phase of the relationship have brought to light all sorts of new feelings, knowledge, and perspectives, and all of this is overwhelming.

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They are also tormented by guilt for running.

Many Chasers see themselves as the wronged party in all of this and find it hard to feel sympathy for their Runner – but in reality, they are both suffering the same things.

It’s just that the former has some understanding of what’s going on while the latter is paralyzed by fear and confusion.

Both need to take a breath and look within.

There are past wounds, traumas, and issues that plague each of you and keep you from each other, and they need healing.

It is especially true of the Runner, who is usually the least evolved of the two.

They not only have the same sort of issues to deal with as the Chaser, but they also have a bunch of problems that they haven’t done any healing for because they are not so spiritually aware.

But it is also true for of The Chaser, who is in danger of putting all of the blame on their partner and not doing any work on themselves as a result.

Twin Flame Runner And Chaser Healing

Healing can be done in a multitude of ways. For Twin Flames going through the Separation stage, it is especially important to address old wounds.

If it is possible, couple’s counseling is usually the best way to start.

By talking about your issues, including the ones from your past, you bring yourselves closer together and put down a foundation from which to build during healing meditation.

Meditation is excellent for healing, especially chakra meditation, which works within your subtle body energy system to clear blockages and restore balance to your inner self.

The use of healing crystals, aromatherapy, and mantra for healing can be a significant boost to your meditation, but they will be useless if you haven’t built a foundation for healing.

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Twin Flame Astral Connection

How do you do that if they don’t want to see you?

You share a powerful spiritual connection and as a result, have heightened, innate powers of telepathy.

You can communicate with each other over any distance using this connection, and one way of doing this will help to speed up the process of healing.

By sending love, light and support to your Twin Flame as they are going through this challenging period in their life you can aid them in their healing.

The healing is essential, because they are probably finding it far more complicated than you are, not least because they may not know that’s what they have to do!

It has the added benefit of increasing their familiarity with your energy – and as they begin to associate your energy with feelings of love, light, and support, they will start to come around to the idea of your special connection.

But the work is not all the Runners. The Chaser has some serious healing to do too, and it might well be they who prevent Union when it comes down to it.

It is arrogance to think that you do not have any healing work to do before you are ready for the power of this special karmic relationship.

Unless you have nothing from your past that is still throwing you off balance, you should work on your issues for the moment.

Eventually, you will both reach a place where you no longer have any barriers in the way, at which point you will be brought together once more.

The key here is not to rush anything. Your connection is permanent, eternal, and vibrant.

Nobody is going to be able to take that away from you, so take the time that you need to get yourself to a place where you can look only forwards and not backward.

With a little bit of luck and a healthy dose of synchronicity, your Twin Flame will have done the same.