Most of us have been in this situation, either you had your twin run from you, or you are the runner, this article reveals the twin flame runner perspective.

Twins have pieces of each other’s soul, they complement and balance each other. Meeting your twin is a blessing; it means that your journey and thirst will end and you will gain the happiness you deserve when you reach spiritual maturity.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this bond. They are not ready for their twin and lack spiritual maturity. Thus they become the runner.

Twin Flame Runner Perspective: What is going through their mind?

In a twin flame relationship, one twin is masculine while the other is feminine. It is not gender discrimination, but the difference is present on a soul level.

A twin flame runner could be a twin with either masculine traits or feminine traits. But to make things easier here, we will consider our runner twin has male properties.

What is going on in the mind of a runner? The answer to this question is quite diverse. It is a matter of individual differences.

For example, if ten people were given a problem to solve, there is a significant chance there would be no similarity in all ten solutions; same is true with the runner.

There could be many reasons for them to run, but we can only analyse from our experience of being a runner.

Why Do They Run?

Listed below are the reasons why they might become a runner:

Unable to understand the relationship

Not interested in initiating a relationship

The connection baffles them as they are the player type, they have not felt this overwhelming attraction before

Wants to play around and try new people every now and then; doesn’t want to stick with one person

Doesn’t know why they are feeling the spark

They have a shy nature, and so they hide their feelings

Doesn’t have a shy nature but unable to recognise their feelings

Confuses the powerful pull as just attraction

Isn’t spiritually awake and couldn’t understand the power of twin flame

Already in a relationship and finds hard to end it

Doesn’t see enough reasons to be with the twin

Makes it an ego problem

Disconnected previously and doesn’t know how to make the connection again

They have a dark soul that needs cleansing

Away from all kinds of happiness and living in dark dungeons of their mind, the light seems unreal to them

Feels confused over the action of the twin

Other people around them won’t let them go

They are Bound by responsibilities and doesn’t want the twin flame responsibility as well

There could be many reasons for the twin to run but remember they can’t run from themselves.

No matter what they think or do, they will come back to the twin because of the soul attraction is much more powerful than any other. The other twin needs to wait for the right moment.