Twin Flame Runner Soul Shock | Why It’s Important

It is well known that the chaser in a twin flame relationship experiences what is known as soul shock. What you might not know is that the twin flame runner experiences soul shock too!

This might seem counter-intuitive as you might think that them running from the twin flame relationship is a sign that they don’t care as much as you do.


But that simply isn’t the case. To explain why let’s take a look at what soul shock is and why it also affects the twin flame runner.

What Is Soul Shock For Twin Flames?

Soul shock is like heartbreak on steroids. It occurs when twin flames are separated and stems from the literal tearing apart of their shared soul.

It is like deep level anxiety that your soul will never be whole again.

It is obvious why the chaser experiences soul shock. Despite their best efforts, their twin flame has rejected them and the twin flame relationship and is on the run – not literally, but emotionally.

But the runner is experiencing the same soul shock. In fact, that is what drives them to run.


Fear drives twin Flame Runners

The thing is, soul shock can affect people in different ways.

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For those who find themselves being chasers, the pain and fear drives them to pursue their twin flame and the twin flame relationship. They fear that they will never be happy or never find love without their twin flame.

Couple this with the feelings of betrayal that their twin flame would abandon them and the whole experience of being a chaser can be harrowing.

But the runner is not having an easy time either.

The runner feels the same soul shock, the same fear and pain of their soul not being whole. But they often don’t understand why they feel this way.

Their perspective is changing as they come to terms with the spiritual side of life that until now they had no trouble denying. They are in flux, and they are in pain – and they don’t know what to do about it.

So the soul shock is tormenting the twin flame runner, too. However, it is this soul shock (plus time!) that will eventually bring them back.

Soul Shock Is Important To The Twin Flame Relationship

Soul shock is not just a horrible side effect of the runner chaser stage of the twin flame relationship. It is also an important part of ending that stage.

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Without soul shock, the runner would just keep running. There would be no need to stop and reevaluate or consider a new perspective.

Nothing helps a runner see the reality of the twin flame relationship more effectively than the genuine pain that comes from denying it.

So when all is said and done, we could all be a little more understanding of the twin flame runner. They have all the same challenges as the chaser, all the same pain and all the same fears.

But through the experience of running, through the experience of soul shock, the runner will eventually evolve a new perspective and return to the twin flame relationship prepared for all the new challenges it has to offer.

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