Twin Flame Sacred Marriage: Marriage is a special thing. For as long as there have been modern humans – before history even began – people have married each other under the eyes of their god(s).

In the 21st century, marriage is no longer just for the religious, but it still the cornerstone of societies around the globe.

This is no coincidence. It is certainly no accident.

Twin Flame Sacred Marriage

Marriage holds a special place in the human soul and, no matter who we marry, it acts as a force of change for our spiritual being.

The universe is based on love and the joining of souls, so marriage is an embodiment of the cosmos even in the most mundane of circumstances.

But something extraordinary happens when we marry our twin flame.

A Cosmic Partnership

The twin flame relationship is central to the journey of the universe.

By committing to it, we dedicate ourselves to the universal ascension process by declaring our intent to join our souls together.

In fact, we are reuniting two parts of the same soul when we achieve unity with our twin flame.

Though this does not require marriage between twin flames, it does explicitly declare our dedication to this process.

And it focusses our soul. We cease to look sideways, cursed by a human tendency to want what we do not have rather than to appreciate what we already have.

But when we marry our twin flame, we do so because we know there is no other soul with whom we would share our life.

The universe smiles on it.

Unconditional Love

The success of twin flame sacred marriage lies in a singular property of the twin flame relationship – that is, it is built on unconditional love.

This unconditional love finds its source within the nature of the twin souls, split from the same soul and bound together by destiny.

There can be no love more genuine, more integral to our being than the love we feel for our twin flame.

We might fall out of love in another relationship. It happens all the time because people change over time.

But there is no falling out of love with our twin flame.

It simply cannot happen. That isn’t to say that a twin flame relationship cannot break down – it can, and in spectacular fashion!

But when this does happen it is not for a lack of love but for other reasons altogether.

The love is unconditional. It is not based on who we are or what we do, how we feel or how we think.

It is based on the nature of the universe and the very fabric of our soul.

And within that is the true specialness of the twin flame sacred marriage.

It is the marriage that needs no vows, which asks nothing more of us than to just be as we must.

But it is not a requirement. We need not enter a twin flame sacred marriage.

Most do not.

But if you get the chance, if you meet your twin flame and the journey is accepted, if you surrender to the love you share, then you may well be ready to enter the most significant phase of anybody’s life.