A twin flame is your other half, as other people call it. What is the meaning of the twin flame sending love?

It means a call from your soul from one twin to the other to connect with each other. A love match doesn’t have to be on this earth. Your other half could be in another dimension. Here is how to know if your twin flame is sending you their love.

Signs Your Twin Flame is Sending You Love

One sign of a matched love relationship is that maybe you met under mysterious circumstances. The events might seem strange to you right now, but the universe had your meeting planned even before you were born. It means for the meeting to have taken place at all, the universe had this meeting embedded in your soul years or even decades before you even met.

Maybe you met your sweetheart while they were far away and sent a love message toward you. This also means that you could have met them while you weren’t even looking for a relationship. It is also another way the universe was talking to you and your mate, by pushing you two together even if either of you were not looking for a partnership at the time of the meeting.

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Your Other Half Could Be From Another Culture or Country

It is also possible that when your sweetheart is sending you love, he/she is sending it from another culture or another country altogether. However, if they are your true twin love, this won’t matter to you because all the two of you care about is being together for the rest of your lives.

Not only this but maybe your upbringing and backgrounds are also diverse, and you are both from two different social classes. None of this will matter as long as the two of you are together. Once your flame connects with you, your souls will be together.

You And Your Other Half Love Each Other Unconditionally

Do you and your partner love each other unconditionally? If so, the partner you are with now may very well be your twin flame. If you have a deep love for each other and you can’t describe the feeling because it is so profound and unconditional, your current partner may be your twin flame.

If not, then it’s time to send your sweetheart a message so you can finally be together just as the universe intended for you two to be. You may not even be aware of this.

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Did you know that your twin flame could also be from another time or dimension altogether? If this is the case, it will be a little harder to find them right this minute, but you will eventually locate the twin soul you are meant to be with for the rest of your soul’s life.

One way or the other, the universe will allow you to be together with them. Just send your twin flame love and everything will work out and you will be with them whether it is in this lifetime or your next one. The universe has plans for you and your twin!