If you need Twin Flame Separation advice for helping you through this challenging stage of your relationship, then you have come to the right place.

During times that you are not together, you will both be struggling to find your way back to each other, but it’s not as simple or straightforward as just getting back together – there are reasons that you are apart.

If you want to understand the reason for the distance between you better, then we have more in-depth guides on that topic.

Today we are going to go through some practical advice for both partners in navigating this period of your relationship.

You Aren’t Really Separated

This first piece of Twin Flame Separation advice is perhaps the most important, even if it lacks practical applications.

You two are not separated from each other in any real sense. Once you have connected, you remain as close energetically as it is possible for two people to be.

While there may be a physical and emotional distance between you right now, you are not away from each other.

If you concentrate, you will still be able to feel them, and that should help you to have hope for a reunion.

This Is An Energy Relationship

Many people fail to realize that the Twin Flame relationship is not anything like the other relationships you have had.

Following advice meant for mundane partnerships will not work for a karmic relationship.

Most of your interactions actually take place on an energy level rather than a physical or emotional level.

It is essential to bear this in mind at all times as it affects every facet of your relationship.

It is especially true of Separation.

You cannot end this stage and move on to Union until your energy states permit it, so being aware of any blockages or overactivations within your chakra system is of utmost importance.

Of course, identifying problems is of no use if you aren’t then going to address them.

You Must Take Responsibility

In this vein, it is you that must take responsibility for your current separation.

Your immediate reaction to that may well be, “But it’s not my fault!

They left!” That’s precisely the problem we want to warn you against because that way of thinking is both unhelpful and incorrect.

Sure, they may have been the one to initiate your break up, but that was just a result of the problems that already existed within the relationship.

You may well blame them for those problems, too.

But blame is low vibration, whether justified or otherwise. Instead of looking for blame, you need to be looking for responsibility.74675681 m 1024x681 e1566877945847

No matter who is to blame, the responsibility for clearing up the mess falls squarely on your shoulders – and your shoulders alone!

This stage of the relationship was not brought about by your arguments with each other, or because of any of the problems, you may have assigned it.

It is brought about by a need for both partners to take some time to work on themselves.

You are responsible for doing the healing that you need to do.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that they are the only one who has a problem to solve – if you believe hard enough, you’ll find one or two of your own to fix.

You Cannot Rely On Providence

On a related note, it is a troubling pattern that many people are taking the attitude that everything will work out for them because the universe has a plan for them.

It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the machinations of the cosmos.

You shouldn’t think of yourself as living in a universe that has plans for you.

Instead, you should think of yourself as a part of the universe, within which you must write a section of the story.

You cannot wait for the universe, your spirit guides, or any other power to provide for you.

You have the power to manifest your journey – and it is entirely up to you to do so. The universe provides the opportunities, but it is on you to seize them.

It means that you should not just wait for your Twin Flame to return to you.

There is work for you to do on yourself before that can happen, and there is work for them to do, too.

Both of you have it within your control to end this separation and bring about Union.

The Stages Are Not Concrete

This one is essential. We talk about the stages of the Twin Flame relationship quite a lot, but there is a misunderstanding that many people have about the nature of these stages.

This relationship has a lot of patterns. Most go through each of the stages one by one and face a lot of the same challenges that others face.

The value of sharing these patterns and common problems is in helping others to make a success out of it.

Notice the word “most.” We cannot say “all” because it isn’t true – not every Twin Flame relationship goes through every stage, and certainly not exactly once and in the exact order.estrangement

Most do, but not even nearly all.

The unique challenges you will face are based on your strengths and weakness and the dynamic that exists between you.

Knowing yourself spiritually will help you to identify what it is that is lacking within you that is blocking Union.

You cannot rely solely on the experiences of others because yours will vary in unpredictable ways from the experiences of the next person.

So make sure you are applying your own mind and intuition to each piece of advice that we give you.

You know what is right for you and what does not apply, so you must avoid falling into the trap of prescriptive spirituality and rely more on your own instincts and intuition.

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