Twin flame separation and reconnection is not something new and uncommon. This is the must stage of the twin flame lives that they will separate and then reunite forever. The reasons for twin flame separation and reconnection are interconnected.

To understand how to reconnect with your twin flame, you first need to know the reason of separation. You need to realise that no matter how much connected you feel with your twin flame, there are certain things that you should never do.

Here are some of the reasons why twin flame separate and what to do with this problem when they are connecting back.

Twin flame separation and reconnection


Your twin flame doesn’t understand why he is attracted towards you so intensely. Although, it is a great feeling, but it comes with fear; he is afraid to lose yourself to you. He neglects all the benefits of this true relation and focuses on the things he will lose.


Separation becomes must in this case, but when he reconnects, you should forgive him. It is important that you should never blame him for separation. You have waited long enough, and now when the person is in front of you, you should not get angry. Take the first step of the reconnection very calmly.


Your twin flame is not ready to start a relation what you are looking for. He doesn’t like the way you show love because he doesn’t want to move the relationship any further.


In this situation, if your twin flame is connecting in any way, either as a friend, you should accept it. Don’t impose your love on him ever again if he doesn’t like it. This will give him time to know you and his soul will turn this friendship to love someday without him knowing.


If it is hard for your twin flame to accept his mirror image, he will inevitably run away never to come back. That might be so hurtful for you and you spend your days crying.


If your twin flame is incarnated on earth at the same time with you, then he will come back to you no matter how far he runs. The attraction between the souls will drag him back to you.

So, you should remember it is just for the time being and you should stay focused and composed. In his absence, make sure you make yourself emotionally strong so when he comes back, reconnection becomes easy.


You have flaws that your twin flame cannot accept.


That’s so true. Finding a twin flame doesn’t mean that you two are perfect. You both are humans with so many flaws. If your twin flame mentioned any of the flaws, accept it positively and try to change it. Reconnecting while being perfect means your relationship won’t see much couple fights.


Union is difficult at the first time because things were so fast and intense and so will the reunion.


When your twin flame comes back to you, don’t rush to do the previous mistakes. You both know that you are becoming crazy for each other, but taking things slowly will help you out to understand each other that will reduce the future problems.

Twin flame separation and reconnection is not an easy process. It requires lots of patience, love and care.