Having a twin flame is one of the ecstatic experiences we can ever have. However, like anything else in life, we may lose them. We could lose them through death; we could lose them by the sheer twist of circumstance or just as a result of any other action that makes it impossible for us to coexist together. The thought of losing a twin flame is often unfathomable.

We find ourselves feeling depressed, anxious and in constant pain. Feelings of emptiness overcome us and despondency becomes our lot. The hopes and ambitions we had of clinging next to one another are crushed, and the loneliness that ensues drives us to live a life of constant struggle.

However, it is reassuring to realise that we can recover from this immense loss and in this article, we shall discuss just how to overcome twin flame separation anxiety.

How To Recover from Twin Flame Separation

Understand the Reason for the Separation: The first step in overcoming the grief associated with twin flame separation is understanding why the separation happened in the first place.

If the separation was as a result of a deliberate action, you can always explore the underlying reasons that caused the separation and deal with them. At times, the separation may be through actions above your power, so the best you can do in such circumstances is to accept your new situation and make the most of it.

Understand that the Separation Makes You Stronger

Just when you have lost your twin flame, the ensuing emotions tend to overwhelm you, and you may never think of ever bouncing back from the ordeal. This is only natural as it is exactly how grief plays out.

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However, it is important for you to understand that the loss is not the end of the world but could be a stepping stone to greater things. Take the separation positively as it could be meant to sharpen and forge you into what you were truly destined to be.

Positively Harness Your Emotions

Intense emotions are subjective; they build within us and if not channelled out correctly, erupt like a volcano and may consume us in the end. The trick, therefore, is not to hide them but rather allow them to show for it is only through this that we can come to terms with the person we have become.

There are various ways through which we can positively harness our emotions and self-expression is one of them. You can achieve this through the playing of a musical instrument or painting, journaling, singing and dancing or taking to a pastime. The drill is to find a feasible outlet, so the emotions do not remain trapped within you.

Shun The Victim Mentality

Often, when we are in great pain and suffering, we tend to think we are the actual cause of the pain when the truth may be different. After having lost our twin flame, the pain that comes from us may be so substantial that we blame ourselves for the situation. However, it makes more sense to realise that we are not the actual pain but rather a subject of it.

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This means we should not look at ourselves as victims but should instead take lessons from the suffering and see how we can emerge from it even stronger. We should learn to make friends with the pain and allow it to teach us lessons so that in future, we may be able to deal with a similar situation successfully. But most importantly, we should never forget that it is temporary and that after the pain has gone away, we will always be stronger than we ever were.

True Happiness Boils Down To Us

When all is said and done, our twin flame is not responsible for our happiness; we are the true masters of our happiness.

Though we may have lost a powerful part of us, their role is only limited to impacting our growth, but when it comes to defining what truly makes us tick, then we are our own masters.


Twin flame separation anxiety may be a difficult thing to deal with, but just as we have seen, it is far from a devastating experience.

While the grief and pain that comes with it may leave us craving for their touch, it is the resolve to emerge from the experience stronger that it defines what we truly are. As the good old saying goes, what does not kill us can only make us stronger.