Separation is the fate of every relationship. If two people remain faithful to each other for whole life, death set them apart. Sooner or later, we all have to deal with the separation. However, in the twin flame relationship, separation is a common occurrence.

Twin flame relationship is quite complicated. Although, they both are each other’s mirror images and there is too much attraction, but yet they separate. Not every twin flame separate, but many do. It becomes hard for both or one to coexist together.


The attraction seems confusing for them. They separate because they don’t want to indulge in this relationship. No matter what the reason is, twin flame separation pain is very intense and engulfs you from within.

It is said that you don’t die with the dead. We all have to complete our lives and living in pain and depression is not the option. It is true that what you are feeling is unbearable; you haven’t expected things to turn out this way; you feel shattered.

But remember, this is not the end of your story, and your life should go on. Here are some tips to fight the twin flame separation pain:

Twin Flame Separation Pain

Grief may lead to the recovery:

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Pain can result in recovery if you let it do so. Pain helps in healing. You can’t forget what you had felt with the person in a single day. But you need to learn to live with the grief. You should realise that your twin flame is not with you anymore, but you should get going.


Remember your worth:

Who are you? Don’t forget that! You are a strong human being. You need to move on and live your life because you have given this life for once only.

What was your status before you met your twin flame?

Do you remember how were you living your life before you have met your twin flame? It’s obvious that you can’t live the same way again, but you can get a bit of your life back. You can at least try to be like your old self.

Analyze the reasons for separation:

Finding the grounds of separation will make you feel better. It will help you know where you went wrong, which will help you to become a mature person. Also, it will enlighten you about whether it was your fault or not; this will help you to recover early.

Appreciate the changes that twin flame relation brought:

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Twin flame separation pain is so intense that you can’t enjoy anything at present, but it is the need of the hour. You need to understand that twin flame relationship teaches you some valuable lessons in life. You had that relationship to nurture your soul.

Appreciating all these changes will make you feel a bit better, and you will understand that separation was necessary to make you stronger. You should also remember the fact that your twin flame was not the only source of happiness in your life and you have much more than that.

In the end – Love yourself!

It is the most important aspect of healing. When you love yourself along with others, you don’t self-pity. You become confident enough to face all the hardships of life. Recognize your soul and stop being sad.

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