The Twin Flame relationship is notorious for being the most spiritually significant and emotionally intense relationship we experience in our lifetime.

It can be joyous, rewarding and it can spur us on to be the spiritually evolved beings we want to be.

But it can also be devastatingly painful.

Twin Flame Separation

It is well known that the vast majority of Twin Flame relationships go through a period of separation.

This is important, as separation itself has an incredibly important role to play in our spiritual development.

This separation may be physical – a separation by distance – but it is just as likely to be an emotional or spiritual separation, and none of these precludes the other.

The separation stage of the Twin Flame relationship usually features all three.

When we go through a period of Twin Flame separation, we may experience the most profound feelings of heartbreak and loneliness.

But we can take comfort in the fact that we would not be thrown this challenge if we were not ready for it.

And the first step to tackling the challenge of Twin Flame separation is understanding the symptoms of it.

After all, we can not deal with problems we do not fully understand.


The first thing we might notice when a Twin Flame relationship enters the separation stage is a dramatic increase in both the frequency and intensity of arguments.

These arguments can be about literally anything, though, in reality, they are all about one thing – spiritual and emotional wounds.

This part of Twin Flame separation brings our past wounds to the surface, and this can be an excruciating time. We bring out in each other the deepest wounds so that we may face them, heal them and move past them.

But while we experience these arguments, it is hard to remember that.

Runners and Chasers

Eventually, most Twin Flame relationships hit a boiling point where we each adopt either of two roles – Runner or Chaser.

The vast majority of the time, one of us is a Runner, and one of us is a Chaser. This makes sense, as mirror souls should be expected to react in opposition to the same feelings.

The Runner feels the intense emotional and spiritual intensity of the Twin Flame relationship and instinctively wants to run from them.

This might be down to emotional immaturity, or it may plainly be down to fear or ignorance of spiritual wisdom.

The Chaser, on the other hand, feels those same intense feelings and recognises the importance of the spiritual lessons they have to teach.

The Chaser, therefore, pursues the Runner in the hope that they can continue their spiritual journey together.

Physical Separation

And eventually, there is a period of physical separation, usually while the Runner deals with the emotional maturity or sensitivity problems that caused them to be a Runner.

Despite the fact that there is reduced conflict, this stage can be the most painful – especially for the Chaser. The soul yearns for its twin and it may feel like a part of us is missing.

But as a word of solace for anyone going through Twin Flame separation, we must remind ourselves that the Twin Flame relationship is eternal.

This period of separation is natural. And we will be reunited with them again on our shared journey to oneness.