Although twin flames can be similar in many ways, they can also be the complete opposite. This is not a bad thing because we know that opposites attract. As a twin flame enters our life, we get a shock like moment and which we are never prepared for. First recognition is at the soul level followed by intense emotions. This is quite like being hit by a massive tidal wave, because the experience does knock you off your feet for a while.

Many expected their twin flame to be just like them, having a carbon copy of their personality and traits. These are just scenarios that are built up in their head and even sometimes the heart. The misconception is that twin flames are just like identical twins, so we believe twin flames will have the same strengths and weaknesses we possess ourselves.

This may be true for many twin flames, as the experience can be very similar and the traits and can have similarities too, but most of the time twin flames have very different personalities. Having dislikes and likes can be very beneficial for twin flame couples.

However, when you meet your twin flame they may show signs of many similarities, which you will recognise instantly. This is the reason why people think twin flames are very similar to each other, but their real personalities are different.

Listed below are signs that showcase how twin flames can have similarities;

Twin Flame Similarities You May Recognise

Similar Birthdates

This is one of the twin flame similarities many have recognised, which is birthdates. This doesn’t mean they will be born on the same date as you, but you may find something odd about their birthday. It could be that they have their birthday closer to someone you know, like a friend or a family member. There will always be some sort of connection with birthdates.

Feels Like You Have Met This Person Before

This may feel a bit scary, but you notice that you may have known this person before, maybe in a dream or you have known them in a past life. You feel a strong connection with them whenever you think about them.

Share The Same Beliefs in Life

You may have similarities in opinions with them. You may have the same short-term and long-term life goals. Even if they are not completely the same you may notice some similarities.

Similar Background Stories

You might notice that you and your twin flame have similar background stories, it could be that you had a similar friend or it could be that you lived in a similar place. This could be really anything so pay close attention to their lives.

Complement Each Other’s Abilities

Another twin flame similarities you might notice is that they may have an ability that you are missing and you have an ability they are missing, so really you both complement each other really well. Together you become a force to be reckoned with.

They Feel The Exact Same Way Towards You

They feel and relate to you in many ways and have similar feelings towards you, having similarities just reassures you that this person is really your other half. Although they have many other traits that are never similar they complement you really well.

Although twin flames go through intense emotions, sometimes even drama once this phase passes you can become as happy as you ever have.

Which of those twin flame similarities have you noticed in your relationship? Please leave a comment and share your story with us.