Twin Flame Solar Plexus Pull: The twin flame relationship is characterised by the immutable, incredible spiritual connection that binds the two twins together on the spiritual plane as it pulls them towards each other by the heart chakra (near the solar plexus).

This spiritual connection is often called the “silver cord”.

But why does the silver cord cause twin flames to experience this solar plexus pull?

Twin Flame Pull

Before our souls birth, we were one with our twin flame inside one soul. At that spiritual birth, we split.

These two halves of the soul are not really halves, but two mirror expressions of the energy of that same soul.

This split happens so that there can be twin flames who share the spiritual goal of reaching ascension. Without, everyone would be alone on this journey.

But the soul yearns to be one again. It is its natural state.

In order to do that, twin flames have to meet.

And our energies are attracted to similar energies.

There are no energies more similar than that of our twin flame, even if those energies are expressed in drastically different ways.

Usually, twin flames have a whole load of differences in the superficial things in life but are very similar on a core value level.

If you pay attention, you might notice that we always gravitate towards this kind of person.

That’s the nature of spiritual energy.

Solar Plexus Pull

But why does the solar plexus pull us?

Well, that’s where our heart chakra is located, and the heart chakra plays a critical role in the twin flame spiritual connection.

The heart chakra governs our capacity for love and kindness.

It is through the energies of the heart chakra that we experience all kinds of emotions, both positive and negative, that are related to others.

This includes love and kindness of course, but also empathy, sympathy, and heartbreak.

The twin flame relationship and the twin flame connection are built entirely on the foundation of unconditional love.

So it is only natural that the silver cord would attach to the heart chakra.

This is where the energies that we share are most potent, where the energies are most concentrated and are one of the driving forces behind the twin flame spiritual mission.

What’s more, the heart chakra lies at the centre of the body and links the three higher chakras with the three lower ones.

This means it is already great as an energetic link, a kind of socket between different types of spiritual energy.

And that is what the twin flame silver cord spiritual connection is for, after all.

It provides a link through which twin flames can share energy, both in order to fulfil their spiritual journey together and to find each other in the first place.

If you spend a little time in meditation and contemplation and focus entirely on your heart chakra, you might even find you can feel this solar plexus pull.