Everybody has a twin flame, a person who shares the same soul as us – a soul that split at the birth of our soul’s creation into two mirror or complementary expressions of itself on the physical plane.

We are made in pairs, it seems, for the purposes of the universal ascension process that will eventually wrap up this cycle of the universe.

The base part of this ascension process starts within the twin flame relationships that already exist.

For this reason, awakening with our twin flame is an intensely spiritual process – the universe wants twin flames to reunite as its core goal.

There are, therefore, a whole bunch of signs that we have undergone a spiritual awakening with our twin flame. We have compiled the most common signs that we can look out for.

Energetic Overdrive

When we reunite with our twin flame in this life, we experience a ripping open of our spiritual energies.

This is less violent than it sounds, and can, in fact, be quite a fulfilling process.

However, it is highly disruptive to our energy centres and can make us feel overwhelmed with renegade emotions and renewed vigour within our senses.

When experiencing this energetic overdrive, we should strive to take extra care of our spiritual selves.

We can do this by increasing our meditation practice and staying in touch with our energy centres or chakras, maintaining balance through this time of increased instability.

Emotional Invasion

We might also begin to experience foreign emotions, primarily from our twin flame.

These feelings will appear and disappear without any apparent reason, though we can be sure that these emotions are not our own as they feel energetically different to our own emotional patterns.

This happens because we are now open to more energy from our twin flame relationship, but we have yet to learn how to properly shield ourselves from the peaks and valleys of these new energy patterns.

There are many guides online and on this site that will help us to learn to shield ourselves from these energies. It is important that we learn to do so.

Personal Transformation

The least obvious of these signs is a period of personal transformation that we undergo when we are awakening with our twin flame.

It can slip under the radar because it is a more gradual process and is less energetically based.

Despite this, it is perhaps the sign with the longest lasting effects. Completed properly, we will be transformed from our old self into our new self.

During this time we shed the old habits and patterns, we formed within our energies and chakras, and we start to develop new ones more suited to the spiritual journey we must embark on with our twin flame.

We should try to be cognizant of these transformations and share them with our twin flame.

After all, they will be experiencing the same kind of change. Communication is key during this time as the two of you work together to decipher your shared mission in this life.

At the end of this process, we will settle into our new selves and embark on an exciting new chapter in our lives.

We will embark on a spiritual journey with our closest spiritual kinsperson and march steadily (or not so steadily) towards enlightenment and ascension.

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