The complexity of a twin flame relationship is not easy for everyone to understand. Some twins don’t recognise the purity of this connection and want to break free. They are unable to handle the love and attraction they have for their twin.

So, the solution they find is to leave their twin and run. But, the one who has found the twin flame doesn’t wish their departure and starts to chase them.

When the runner and chaser phase begins in the twin flame relationship, any wrong move could delay or even avert the reunion. The threads of this relationship are quite thin, and it requires great care to stop them from breaking apart.

There are three special twin flame spiritual gifts that will encourage the reunion. They can also reduce the time of separation and lead to an early reunion. The three twin flame spiritual gifts are:

Gift of Space:

When someone is troubled, and the source is lying within, they don’t need anyone’s help. Only they can find the solution. The same is the case with the twin flame runners. They become overwhelmed with what you have driven them into.

They are unable to see things clearly. They are running away from you, and you are running behind them. This makes them think of you a lot, and that’s also problematic.

Give them space; let them think why it is happening. When you stop running behind them, they will alter their focus from running away from you. Right now, all of their energy is going into avoiding you or staying away from you; but when you stop chasing, they will have time to think about other things as well.

Gift of Missing You:

You were there! You were trying to contact them! You want to spend time! But now suddenly, you are nowhere to be seen. You don’t try to grab their attention. All these things will make them think what happened to you.

They will start missing you because twin flames have a special bond of souls. Their soul would remind them of your absence. They want to contact. If your intuition is right about your twin flame, they will come back.

Love Yourself Unconditionally:

When you want anyone to love you, it is highly important that you should start to love yourself in the first place. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect your counterpart to do the same?  Give importance to yourself. Work on yourself in the absence of your twin flame so they can’t resist your temptation.

When you don’t love yourself enough, you will have a hole in the heart. Nobody can fill that hole except you. You need to understand that when your twin flame comes back, and you are unable to achieve the unconditional love for yourself, they might run away to begin the whole cycle again.

If you want your twin flame to come and stay then this is the gift you should give them. When you are confident in yourself, they will have faith in you too.