After the preparation stage, when you yearn for the one, the universe will conspire to bring you and your twin flame together for the first time.

This stage is called the twin flame meeting, and it will be your first glimpse of your twin flame.

An intense experience awaits twin flames who are about to meet for the very first time.

The Build Up To Twin Flame Meeting

In the days and weeks leading up to your twin flame meeting, you will start to notice little changes around you.

Your friends start getting into relationships; you start noticing more couples everywhere you go, and the synchronicity of romance follows you wherever you go.D28 48 089 0004 600

Adverts and promotions offer things that you want, but they’re all geared towards couples.

If you pay special attention, you will notice twin flame numbers like 11:11 appearing in your daily life.

These are all signs that your subconscious mind attunes to, and instinctively, you will start to prepare for your twin flame’s appearance.

The Day You Meet

On the day that you first glimpse your twin flame, you will find that any plans you had will go straight out of the window.

The universe will pull every trick in the book to get the two of you in the same place at the same time, and if that means messing up your day then so be it!

You will find yourself somewhere you had no intention of being.

Perhaps someone invited you to a party at the last minute, or you had to go across town to get your shopping because your local is shut.

It will be there that you get your first brief glimpse of your twin flame.

Meeting Your Twin Flame – Souls Collide

When you first see your twin flame, you will lock eyes.

There’s something automatic about this, as your gaze is magnetically attracted to theirs for a moment and you couldn’t look away if you wanted to.

One of you will approach the other, or perhaps a friend will introduce you.

The moment you hear their voice, the air will go out of the room. As you talk to them, a warm wave of recognition will rise within you.

You remember that this isn’t the first time you’ve met.

Deep within you, you know that it won’t be the last.

You will feel your energy rise, manifesting as nervousness, tingling and giddiness. The energy is so exciting it can cause you to be a bit shy, but it can equally cause you to babble.

The attraction and chemistry between you will be mutual and powerful. It truly feels like meeting a twin soul, someone’s whose essence is akin to yours.

This first meeting will be over all too soon.

But you will both leave with the unshakeable feeling that you just met someone special – that tonight was meant to be.

The universe is not finished with the two of you yet. Not by a long shot.

Your twin flame journey is picking up speed. Now that you have met, there might not be another day in your life during which you do not think of each other.

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